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Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Products and Collectibles

On this page we are collecting in one place Mickey Mouse related products created by Arribas Bros.

Arribas Brothers Mickey and Minnie Romance in the Park

Romance is in the air. One of the most beautiful, handmade Mickey Mouse collectibles. Pricey and limited availability, but memorable.

Mickey and Minnie are courting on a park bench. Sparkles are everywhere. It is a wonderful scene.

Arribas Brothers Mickey 2000

It may not be the year 2000 anymore, but the turn of the century was still special.

Turn of the century collectible celebrating Mickey Mouse and the year 2000. A cute collectible for a memorable year.

Arribas Brothers Hand Blown Mickey Mouse Glass Vase

Fun glass vase that looks like Mickey Mouse pants. A unique a fun look for your home.

If you know anything about glassworking then you know how difficult the craftsmanship is to make this type of vase.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Fantasia 2000

Mickey is covered with Swarovski crystals in this Fantasia figurine. Fantasia is Mickey's most memorable movie and 2000 was a memorable year.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Band Leader

Here comes Mickey Mouse as the leader of the band. Mickey is always the leader of the Mickey Mouse Club band.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Neat and Pretty

Look who is strutting out in high style. With his fancy shoes, tuxedo and bow tie being moved into the perfect position, Mickey is ready to go out on the town.

1997 Arribas Brothers Jeweled Mickey Mouse

The 1997 Annual Mickey Mouse is almost entirely made of sparkling jewels. A figurine made of Swarovski stones.

With his hands behind his back Mickey is looking a bit bashful. A classic pose for the Mouse.

Arribas Brothers Crystal Mickey Mouse

A very cute little Mickey Mouse figurine. Made of clear crystal with enough color to better see Mickey.

Arribas Brothers Army Mickey Mouse

This is what it would look like if Mickey Mouse joined the army. Well, almost what it would look like.

Mickey is not exactly wearing a camouflage outfit. Those crystals can be seen from a long way away.

Arribas Brothers Cool Mickey Mouse

Mickey is strutting along trying to look cool. Is it working?

This is a fun piece. We think it has a 1950s vibe.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice

In his spectacular robe, Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice is about to get into big trouble. The colors are vibrant and the Swarovski crystals sparkle.

Little does Mickey know what is about to happen!

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie

A crystal figure of Mickey Mouse in his first appearance in Steamboat Willie. These are actually two crystal figures sold together.

Arribas Brothers Doctor Mickey Mouse

The doctor mouse will see you now ... He even has a medical bag.

If you are ever feeling blue you can count on this happy Mouse to make you feel better.

Arribas Brothers Chef Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse as a cook is preparing a yummy treat in this figurine. Probably something cheesy.

Arribas Brothers Gold Mickey Mouse Wine Glass

This elegant wine glass has gold leaf Mickey Mouse ears. Beautiful and fun. The perfect combination.

Arribas Brothers Hand Blown Mickey Mouse Glass Bowl

Made of blown glass, this bowl looks like Mickey Mouse pants. For a modern and simple design this is a nice look.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Star Base

This limited edition Mickey Mouse figurine is called Star Base due to the base Mickey is on. Mickey is a star so this is the perfect figurine base for him.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Ears

These crystal Mickey Mouse ears celebrated Disneyland's 60th Anniversary. Everyone needs Mickey ears. These are beautiful to display.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Glove Necklace

This necklace is shaped like one of Mickey Mouse's gloved hands.

You'll note Mickey's hand only has four fingers. We have a blog post about this interesting fact.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Floating Locket Necklace

This floating locket necklace has Mickey Mouse ears and Swarovsky crystals.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Blue Stone Necklace

This interesting necklace has a Mickey Mouse head around a blue stone.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Double Icon Necklace

A "double icon" necklace with two sets of Mickey Mouse heads and ears.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Heart Necklace

This Mickey Mouse necklace has Swarovski crystals in the shape of a heart.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Christmas Trinket Box (Version 1)

Mickey Mouse is dressed as Santa Claus for this fun Christmas trinket box. Fun to show - even more fun to hold objects inside.

With hands on hips Mickey looks like he is saying it is time to have more fun.

Arribas Brothers Mickey Mouse Christmas Trinket Box (Version 2)

An entirely different style of a trinket box where Mickey Mouse is dressed as Santa Claus. Wonderful Christmas collectible. Santa Mickey has such a happy face!

One of our favorites. We cannot get enough of seeking Mickey dressed as Santa.

Arribas Brothers is a hundred year old family company originally from Spain.

In 1964 they met Walt Disney at the World's Fair. Soon, they were selling handcrafted treasures at Disneyland.

Today, Arribas Brothers products can be found at Disney locations worldwide.

A short video showing one of the Arribas Brothers glass artists creating a sculpture at the Epcot center.



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