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Mickey Mouse Brass Statues

Brass Mickey Mouse statues are surprisingly hard to find. On this page we are collecting pictures and information about those we find. They may not always be available but will give you an idea of what to look for.

Walt Disney World Figurine

(see a larger picture here)

This brass figurine comes from Walt Disney World.

Mickey is shown with his arms crossed and looking very happy.

Brass statues like this are typically small. This one is about three and one-half inches tall.

Mickey Mouse With Top Hat

(see a larger picture here)

Mickey Mouse is wearing a top hot in this small brass figurine.

Works as a paper weight or as a cute small figure for your shelf.

Vintage Mickey Mouse Brass Statue

(see a larger picture here)

We saw this Mickey Mouse brass statue being sold from someone in China. Mickey is pointing his left finger up.

Undoubtedly, something like this is not an officially licensed Disney product, but can still be a collectible

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