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Danbury Mint Mickey 57 Heaven

Danbury Mint Mickey Mouse 57 Heaven Chevy

Super fun! This is Mickey's 57 Heaven - as is noted all over the black and red 1957 Chevy.

Donald is driving like a mad Duck while Mickey holds on in the passenger seat. Pluto is having a great time as the convertible lets the wind whip through his ears. In the back seat Minnie Mouse and Goofy are having a great time. The back of Goofy's yellow shirt shows a bowling ball striking some pins.

Did we mention this was fun?

The '57 reference is on flames on the side of the car. The license plate refers to Mickey. The tail fins refer to "Cruisin' 57 Heaven".

Hard to imagine, but kids these days don't know what cruising was.

Danbury made the Chevrolet Bel Air on a 1:24 scale.

Interesting fact: Chevy made the Bel Air from 1950 to 1975 in the United States, and for a few more years to 1981 for Canada. The 1957 Bel Air convertible is widely considered one of the most iconic cars ever made.

Here is a factory photo from Chevy showing its 1957 Bel Air convertible.

As you can see, the Danbury Mint has done a good job of replicating the shape of the car. Obviously, though, the Disney version with the black, red and yellow is a lot more exciting than the pale green envisioned by Chevy. There's a reason pale green cars are not made anymore.

Value and Pricing: We have seen the Danbury Mint Mickey 57 Heaven, in good condition but with scratches, loose pieces, and an odd warning parts may break off during shipping, still sell for $210. We saw this car in mint condition with the original box and packaging, but with some parts off (ear and hat) and one of Mickey's hands was missing, being listed for $700.

This collectible is rare and tends to be quickly snapped up when one comes on the market.



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