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Danbury Mint Mickey 75 Years Collection

Danbury Mint 75 Years With Mickey

These five - ridiculously fun Mickey figurines - were some of the figures made by the Danbury Mint to celebrate 75 Years With Mickey Mouse.

Each figure is about four and one-half inches high. They include:

- Mickey's Christmas Carol - Mickey is sitting on a stool wearing a scarf, looking preppy.

- Mickey Mouse Club - Wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and strumming a guitar, Mickey is on stage wowing the kids.

- Walt Disney World Opens ... - Mickey is dressed as a camera toting tourist, including orange checked shorts, orange Hawaiian shirt, and blue baseball cap, as he reviews the map for Walt Disney World.

- The Simple Things - Mickey has his simple fishing pole while attempting some relaxing fishing.

- The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Mickey is his red robe and high blue hat, magically stretching a stream of golden stars between his hands. Meanwhile, the walking broom with a pail of water sneaks up behind him.

Value and Pricing: We have seen the set of five Danbury Mint, 75 Years With Mickey Figurines, sell brand new for $110.

Danbury Mint Steamboat Willie

Also part of the 75 Years With Mickey Collection is this black and white Steamboat Willie figure.

About four and one-half inches high, Mickey is at the wheel in probably the best known image from his first cartoon.

Danbury Mint Brave Little Tailor

Another piece belonging to the 75 Years With Mickey Collection is this Brave Little Tailor figure - from one of Mickey Mouse's earlist movies of the same name.

About four inches high, Mickey is surrounded by sewing thread and supplies. Wearing a green hat with a red feather, it looks like he has his work cut out for him.



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