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Danbury Mint Christmas Train Sets

Mickey's Christmas Train

Danbury Mint Mickey's Christmas Train

This wonderful six piece set from the Danbury Mint, called Mickey's Christmas Train, is a lot of fun to bring out every Christmas.

The train pieces include:

Mickey is the engineer directing where this train will go. The green and blue engine is complete with the Mickey ears insignia.

Goofy is the conductor holding on for dear life. There isn't room for in the car because it is full of presents.

Pluton has caught the Chip 'n Dale squirrels as they try and pilfer a load of nuts. Pete is along for the ride strummig his banjo.

Minnie Mouse is decorating the Christmas tree with some little ones. She already has the yellow star on top and is hanging red ornaments.

Daisy Duck is finishing wrapping some presents, while Huey, Dewey and Louie and trying to find out what is inside the gifts.

Donald Duck is providing the muscle for the train, as he scoops the coal to keep the engine going.

The train also comes with a Certificate of Ownership, which for the original purchaser notes:


Mickey's Christmas Train

The Danbury Mint hereby attests that

is a registered owner of Mickey's Christmas Train - a finely detailed sculpture bursting with Disney magic and holiday cheer - from the engine to the caboose!

Mickey's Christmas Train is superbly crafted in cold-cast porcelain and meticulously painted by hand.

Mickey's Christmas Train is officially authorized by The Walt Disney Company and is available exclusively from the Danbury Mint.

Value and Pricing: We have seen the Danbury Mint Mickey's Christmas Train in excellent condition, with the styrofoam container but not the original outside box, sell for $60. It was a deal. Robbery actually.

Merry Christmas Train

Danbury Mint Merry Christmas Train

Here is a second Danbury Mint Mickey and Friends Christmas train. It also has six cars, but is entirely different.

The wheels of this train are made of candy. Mickey is again leading everyone in the engine. Peter is a musical conductor with a series of nutcrackers. There is another Mickey, err wait, Santa Claus with presents in a train car. Daisy Duck is showcasing all of her flowers. And Donald Duck is baking up a storm. Whether he can keep balancing all those cakes is another story!



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