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Mickey Mouse and Minnie March to Macys

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This "Big Little Book" was published in 1935 by Whitman Publishing, titled "Mickey Mouse and Minnie March to Macy's" was given away by Macy's to children visiting Father Christmas at their store.

The front cover refers to R.H. Macy & Co., Inc., New York 1935. R.H. Macy & Co. is the original name of the company now known simply as Macy's.

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The book is fat with many pages, as you can see from this view of the spine.

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The back cover says "Merry Christmas to you from Santa Claus of Macy's - The World's Largest Store".

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One of the inner pages states:


The Inside Story of the Pilgrims and the Big Thanksgiving-Christmas Parade of 1935, pieced together by Walt Disney, Tony Sarg, Jack Groud, Paul Hollister, Kay Kamen, and goodness knows how many more piercer-togetherers.

Published 1935 by

R.H. MACY & CO., Inc.

Pricing and Value: We saw the 1935 Mickey Mouse and Minnie March to Macys book, in poor to good condition, sell for $230. We saw the book in very good condition be offered for $3495!

The book is rare, and even rarer are fine quality editions. You can probably find a this collectible in good conditions for much less:

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