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Mickey Mouse Airplane Collection

There are three main categories of Disney airplane products:

* Vintage Mickey Mouse airplane toys.

* Airplanes painted with designs and scenes that include Mickey Mouse.

* Plastic airplane toys for small children.

Vintage Mickey Mouse Airplane

This airplane is periodically available. It is noted by the red propeller and red airplane body with wood looking wings.

Mickey and airplanes have been popular over the years. This hanging store display is from the 1980s and features Mickey in a green military jacket. A good size, this is about nineteen inches long and fifteen inches wide. This one sold for $699.

Santa's Best Animated Mickey Mouse Airplane

Tons of fun - this brightly colored planes lights up and moves. Large, it measures twenty-nine inches by twenty-four inches by eighteen inches.

Originally sold in the 1980s. It was available at Sears.

Get in the holiday spirit with this green, red and white plane. Mickey is sitting in the cockpit with his presents, goggles, and is ready to go. This sold for $360.

The wings light up, the plane rocks from side to side, the propeller turns and Mickey's head moves. We like the Christmas lights along the edge of the wings.

(see a larger picture here)

Here is another picture of the animated airplane.

(see a larger picture here)

This is the original box. The cover refers to:

Santa's Best

Propeller Turns, Plane Rocks & Wing Lights Up!

Disney's Mickey Mouse Holiday Animated Figure

Head Moves!

Mickey Mouse Lithograph Tin Airplane

This six inch tin plane is lithographed with pictures of Mickey throughout. From wing to wing it measures about seven and one-half inches.

Made in the early 1960s this type of gift can be beautifully displayed in a home or office. It sold for $237.50.

Pacmin Model Mickey Mouse 737-400 Plane

(see a larger picture here)

An Alaska Airlines model plane, made by Pacmin, of a 737-400 with pictures of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy on a blue background.

The scale of the plane is 1:100. It is about fourteen and one-third inches long and the wingspan is eleven and one-third inches.

The model is on a wooden stand and is made of solid resin. That will surprise those who assume the plane is hollow. A polyurethane coating gives it a sparkling look.

Value and Pricing: We have seen this Pacmin Model Mickey Mouse airplane sell for about $250.

Linemar Tin Mickey Mouse Airplane

(see a larger picture here)

Linemar of Japan made this collectible Disney character plane. The airplane has four front propellers and a red nose with coloring extending the length of the top of the airplane.

The plane is six inches long, seven and one-half inches wide and two and three-quarter inches high.

(see a larger picture here)

A view from the other side of the Linemar plane.

The Disney characters shown include Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck and Goofy

Value and Pricing: We have seen this Linemar Mickey Mouse airplane in excellent condition sell for about $325.

Plastic airplane toys for small children

Kiddieland makes the #1 rated Mickey Mouse Clubhouse airplane toy for kids up to age three.

(see a larger picture here)

5 star rated. One of the highest rated products ever with eighty-eight percent of buyers giving it five stars, twelve percent giving it four stars, and no one rating it any lower. Fantastic!

Propellors light up and rotate around, and the wheels turn.

A handle on the back allows little hands to easily push it along.

Has a revving sound and gear shifting noise.

(see a larger picture here)

Plays radio frequency noises, fun music, and the Mickey Mouse March Song.

As the music plays Mickey moves around.

Requires two AA batteries, which are included new.

Toy is large. The size is about twenty-one inches by seventeen inches by eighteen inches.

The Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Rescue Plane is a four star rated toy.

(see a larger picture here)

Mickey is dressed for adventure in a green flight vest. Included is a red life preserver that can be lowered with the rescue line to save people.

His figure can stand up, or bend at the waist to fit inside the plane.

Toy size is seven inches by three and one-half inches by seven inches.



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