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Mickey Mouse Bathroom

Mickey Mouse Toilet Paper

Hard to find - Mickey Mouse toilet paper. This roll came from the Walt Disney Resorts in the 1980s.

Mickey Mouse Toilet Paper Holder

Even if you cannot find toilet paper, a Mickey Mouse toilet paper holder is just as good.

Here is a fun and colorful toilet paper holder. Why hide your toilet paper when you can have a fun holder on the counter!

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Rug

Subtle and fun at the same time.

Consider a bathroom rug in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears.

This particular one is made of cotton and can be put in the washing machine.

Mickey Mouse Potty

If you have a little one they need a Mickey Mouse potty.

This will make potty training even more fun as your toddler becomes a big kid.

Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain

Don't forget the shower curtain.

This red shower curtain features and Micke and Minnie holding hands. Dark enough to provide privacy with a black band at the bottom to hide any mildew which may develop between cleanings.

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Set

This Mickey Mouse bathroom set features a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, Q-tip canister with lid, holding tray and plate to place on the back of the toilet.



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