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Mickey Mouse Baume Mercier Watches

Baume and Mercier has made luxury Swiss watches since 1830. During the last almost 200 years the company has found time to make a Mickey Mouse watch.

Gold Mickey Mouse Face Watch

Mickey Mouse Baume Mercier Watch

Mickey Mouse Baume Mercier Watch

Possibly the plainest, yet interesting, luxury watch you will find.

This Baume and Mercier Mickey Mouse watch was made in the early 1990s. Only 99 were made and it is made of 14k karat gold.

In the middle is a black and picture of Mickey Mouse's head. The watch face has a canvas look. The hours appear as dots and the watch hands are thin lines. It is a minimalist look.

Baume and Mercier Disney Riviera Model 5231

(see a larger picture here)

A better looking watch, in our view, is the ladies model 5231.

- Eleven small diamonds appear for the numbers on the watch face - except for the sixth hour where the diamond is replaced by the day of the month.

- Thirty-six small diamonds also circle the watch face.

- Although there are many diamonds, this is not where the value of the watch is and you should not be buying this as a diamond investment. Total carat weight is 25.

- 18k gold face and design.

- Not waterproof.

- Swiss quartz hand movement.

- Stainless steel case.

- Women's watch.

- 27 mm face.

- Mother of Peal dial.

The watch face refers to: Baume & Mercier, Geneve, Disney, Riviera, Swiss Made.

There is a small color image of Mickey Mouse on the watch face. He is looking right and wearing his red shorts with yellow shoes.

(see a larger picture here)

Here is the back of the watch. Imprinted in the stainless steel is the model number and serial number for authenticity.

(see a larger picture here)

The Baume & Mercier 5231 originally comes in a storage box and with a booklet and certificate of authenticity (Certificat De Garantie Internationale).

Although the model 5231 is not on the high-end of Swiss luxury watch pricing, the addition of the Mickey Mouse certainly gives the watch more value. It has been listed at $3675 but you can probably find a better deal:

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