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Mickey Mouse Birthday

Mickey Mouse Birthday Set

This wonderfully colorful birthday set has the basics for creating Mickey Mouse birthday.

The set serves eight, and includes lunch plates, desert plates, cups, lunch napkins, drink napkins, and a table cover large enough for a picnic table.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Hat

The kids need birthday hats and these Mickey Mouse party hats with ears are a hit.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner

This Mickey Mouse birthday banner is part of an overall birthday scene setter that has been well reviewed.

Made of vinyl instead of paper, these banners can be placed around a room. It is the little things like this which can make a birthday memorable.

The small banners are about ten by sixteen, and the largest banners stretch up to almost five feet in length.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Treat Bags

Don't forget the treat bags!

Kids "expect" treat bags these days and you don't want to be the parent standing there explaining to kids and their parents why you don't have Mickey Mouse treat bags ready to go.



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