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Mickey Mouse Bracelet Ideas

Some of our favorite charming Mickey Mouse bracelets ...

Forever Yours Mickey Mouse Heart Bracelet

(see a larger picture here)

This sterling silver bangle bracelet features open-heart shape.

On one side is a small Mickey Mouse head shaped silhouette.

Inside on the other side of the heart it has engraved "Forever Yours".

Mickey Mouse Pandora Charm Bracelet

Mickey Mouse Pandora Bracelet

Always popular are Pandora charm bracelets featuring Mickey Mouse.

This one is sterling silver. A great find for Mickey and Pandora lovers.

Vintage Mickey Mouse Bracelet

Mickey Mouse Vintage Bracelet

This is a vintage Mickey Mouse bracelet.

There are many different varieties. Shown is a 10k gold bracelet made up of Mickey Mouse images hooked together.

Gold Mickey Mouse Bracelet

Gold Mickey Mouse Bracelet

Gold + Bracelet + Mickey Mouse = Winner!

This 10k gold bracelet featuring linked Mickey Mouse heads sold for $175.

The karat (kt) of gold refers to its pureness. With the price of gold this may be important for investors, but is not necessarily an issue for collectors.

10k is about 42 percent gold. 14k is about 60 percent. 18k is 75 percent and 24k is 99 percent. 10k is the lowest purity level at which jewelry can be sold as gold. 24k is generally too soft for most functional jewelry. The most common karat purity you will find for a gold bracelet is 14k.

Different gold Disney bracelets featuring Mickey Mouse are here:

Zuni Mickey Mouse Bracelet

Zuni Mickey Mouse Bracelet

Artist Don Dewa of the Zuni American Indian tribe is famous for his wonderful works of art.

Here, Dewa has prepared a sterling silver charm bracelet featuring Mickey Mouse and other favorite Disney characters.

More detailed information is available on our Zuni Bracelet Page.

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