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Mickey Mouse Chopard Watches

The Chopard Disney watch to look for is called the Happy Sport. It has been made in different versions with three, five, and seven floating diamonds.

Pricing and value between versions can be significant so pay attention to how many diamonds are on the face.

Another version to watch for is whether the Mickey Mouse head floats on the face, or is a static picture behind floating diamonds.

Chopard Happy Sport Mickey Mouse Watch

Chopard is a Swiss maker of ultra luxury and prestigious watches. It has also several versions of a high-end Mickey Mouse watch.

Mickey Mouse Chopard Watch

This ladies Chopard Mickey Mouse watch is model number Happy Sport 288524-3004.

One of the interesting features is that the watch has a floating Mickey Mouse head. Compare the above watch picture to this one:

Mickey Mouse Chopard Watch

Notice that Mickey Mouse is in a different place on the watch face. It is the same watch, but Mickey can 'float' and appear in different places.

Also floating with Mickey are three diamonds. The Happy Sport watch also features mother of pearl, water resistance, and the base is made of stainless steel. Large for a ladies watch it has a 42 mm diameter.

Chopard is a luxury watch company based in Switzerland since 1860.

The "Happy Sport" is one of Chopard's popular and iconic watches.

Shown in the picture above is a version with five floating diamonds and 30 mm in size. It is product number 278509-3046.

The watch features:

- Mickey Mouse Design

- Diamond Bezel

- Mother of Pearl Dial

- Seven Floating Diamonds

- Black Satin Band

- Water Resistant to 100 feet / 30 meters

- Sapphire Crystal which is Scratch Resistant

- Swiss Quartz Movement

This version of the Happy Sport watch has seven floating diamonds: product number 278475-3033 and a 36 mm case.

We have seen the seven diamond Happy Sport Mickey Mouse diamond watch retail for $20,650.

You can find it for less:

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To summarize the different versions of the Happy Sport Mickey Mouse Diamond Watch:

Three, five or seven diamonds floating on the face.

Different size cases of 30, 36 and 42 mm.

Whether the Mickey Mouse head floats on the face with diamonds, or is a static image behind the diamonds.



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