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Mickey Mouse Clock Selection

Featured on this page are some favorite and unique clocks. Here we mainly have wall and desk clocks. There are other pages on our site for alarm clocks, pocket watches, and watches.

Sorcerer's Apprentice Clock

Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice Dome Clock

Here is a most unusual and fastastic clock in the shape of Mickey's hat from the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Made by famed artist Franz Hermle it is decorated by moons and stars. Large - the dome is about fourteen inches tall.

Mickey Mouse Cuckoo Clock

Mickey Mouse Bradford Exchange Cuckoo Clock

This Mickey Mouse cuckoo clock comes from The Bradford Exchange. The original comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The name of the clock is "Memories of Mickey Mouse".

Hand made from real wood, the clock is ten and one-half inches across, thirteen inches high, and four inches deep.

Mickey Mouse Animated Talking Wall Clock

Animated Talking Mickey Mouse Clock

Super fun!

This is Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Animated 3d Talking Wall Clock. Made in 2001 and battery operated.

Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy talk and move, and announce the time.

If you can find it - get it fast (!)

The talking clock is inspired by the 1937 Mickey Mouse Cartoon called "Clock Cleaners".

The styling is from the classic "Skeleton Clock".

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck "Clean the Clock" each hour while Goofy swings along.

The back of the box states:

Disneys Mickey Mouse Animated Talking Wall Clock


* Inspired By The 1937 Cartoon: "Clock Cleaners".

* Battery Operated Wall Clock.

* Classic "Skeleton Clock" Styling.

* Mickey & Donald "Clean the Clock" Each Hour and Goofy Swings Along.

* Characters Talk And Announce The Time.

* Silent And Night Time Options.

* Listed FCC approved

* Requires 4-D And 2-AA

* Batteries (Not Included)

Value and Pricing: We saw the Mickey Mouse Animated Talking Wall Clock in great condition (although the box was really beat up) sell for $180.

Mickey Mouse Musical Wall Clock

Mickey Mouse Musical Wall Clock


A simple clock with a Mickey Mouse picture is in the middle. What surrounds it is inspiring. There are twelve figurines, like the twelve hours of the day, featuring cute depictions of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto and Goofy. Hard to imagine anyone giving this up if they can acquire one.

Value and Pricing: We saw new new in box Seiko Mickey Mouse musical wall clock sell for about $1000. Probably a steal.

3D Mickey Mouse Wall Clock

Mickey Mouse 3D Wall Clock

One of the most unusual wall clocks ever made.

This clock hangs on the wall, although the clock never touches the wall. There is a shelf which attaches to the wall. Sitting on the shelf is Mickey House, who is holding out the clock.

Excellent design and imagination went into this piece.

Made in 2002. The scene is fourteen inches high and thirteen inches wide at its widest point. The shelf comes with built in hanging brackets. The clock is quartz and runs on batteries.

Value and Pricing: We saw this three dimensional, Mickey Mouse shelf wall clock in used, but like new condition, sell for $175. The buyer got a fantastic collectible.

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