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Mickey Mouse Dinnerware

Many varieties of Mickey Mouse and dinnerware settings have been made over the years. On this page we are dividing them into categories and showing examples so you get a feel for what is available.

Christmas Dinnerware

Mickey Mouse Christmas Dinnerware

Bring out the Mickey Mouse dinnerware for special occasions - like Christmas.

This setting for six is called "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and has plates, cups, saucers, and lunch plates.

Vintage Dinnerware

Mickey Mouse Vintage Dinnerware

This vintage dinnerware set is stoneware. Finding old and discontinued patterns no one else has can make for a setting others are jealous of.

Here we found a setting with cherries, oranges, lemons and grapes in the form of Mickey Mouse ears.

Body Parts Dinnerware

Mickey Mouse Body Parts Dinnerware

(see a larger picture here)

Fun Mickey Mouse dinnerware!

This collection of "body parts" shows different - you guessed it - parts from Mickey's body.

Hands. Ears. Gloves. Pants. They are all here.

The colorful Disney set includes four of the following: cups, salad plates, bowls and dinner plates.

The sizes are as follows: cups are three and one-half inches diameter and three inches tall, bowls are eight and one-quarter inches diameter and three inches high, salad plates are nine inches in diameter, and dinner plates are eleven inches in diameter.

More pictures:

Mickey Mouse Body Parts Dinnerware

(see a larger picture here)

A closer view of the bowls.

Mickey Mouse Body Parts Dinnerware

(see a larger picture here)

Here are the fun cups.

Mickey Mouse Body Parts Dinnerware

(see a larger picture here)

Finally, some of the plates are in this picture.

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