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Mickey Mouse DVD Selection

One reason we like DVDs is you own the movie. It isn't streaming or a streamed "purchase" you lose if you discontinue your service, or if someone loses their licensing rights with Disney.

DVDs can be taken with you and watched in the car, other places, even on the beach. There are downsides compared to streaming, such as losing your DVD, but overall we like to have these physical movies knowing we can play them for years and years.

Disney has been known to release movies for a short period of time then hold them out of stores for years and years. Best to have your own copy on DVD.

New Mickey Mouse DVDs

Mickey Mouse DVD

Get your favorite Mickey Mouse movies and shows now on DVD while you still can.

So much media is now going to the cloud or on demand. You don't really own. Cable providers will let you 'buy' a movie - but you only have access so long has you keep paying a monthly fee. But cable and satellite companies are on the downward trend with cord cutting and the move to the Internet.

Make sure your kids can watch these favorites and classics in the future. Save them on DVD.

Walt Disney Treasures DVD

Walt Disney Treasures DVD

This magnificent set of 7 DVDs is called Walt Disney Treasures. They feature some of Mickey Mouse and friends best work.

Value and Pricing: We saw this seven DVD Walt Disney Treasures set in used, but very good condition sell for $450. Although the price may seem high, we have seen individual DVDs from this set sell for $150.

Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD

Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD

We wanted to include this Christmas Favourites DVD - not just because of the English spelling of Favourites, but as a reminder to check the "zone" of the DVD since ridiculous copy protection means a DVD purchased in one part of the world may not work across the globe.

This four DVD set includes some favorite movies, including:

- Disney's Christmas Favourites
- Donald and Friends
- Celebrate Christmas with Mickey
- Countdown to Xmas with Mickey
- Winnie the Pooh - A Very Pooh Year

Pricing and Value: We have seen this four DVD set of Christmas Favourites sell for about $30.

Mickey Mouse Classic Cartoon Favorites

Mickey Mouse Classic Cartoon Favorites DVD

Volume I of the Classic Cartoon Favorites, this bright red DVD box featuring "Mickey" can be hard to find. Has many vintage cartoons, but it is the Volume I DVD which is a collectible.

Value and Pricing: We have seen this Volume I - Mickey of the Classic Cartoon Favorites sell for $30.

Mickey's Monster Musical DVD

Mickey's Monster Musical DVD

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse released Mickey's Monster Musical in 2015.

Search for pirate treasure with the usual Disney singing and fun. At the Count Mickula castle the kids can help Mickey figure out who is making all the weird noises.

Value and Pricing: We have seen the Mickey's Monster Musical DVD sell for about $25.

Mickey's Big Splash DVD

Mickey's Big Splash DVD

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse released Mickey's Big Splash in 1999.

Mickey and friends are having a luau in Hawaii. But it's a hot day and everyone is trying to keep cool. The kids help Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Pluto and Pete get all the right tools together to have the best beach party ever.

Value and Pricing: We have seen the Mickey's Big Splash DVD sell for about $20.



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