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Goebel Mickey Mouse - Birthday Party

Mickey Mouse Goebel

This Goebel was made in 1997 and is called "Mickey's Birthday Party".

Very rare - only 25 were made.

Bill Toma Figurines

Mickey Mouse Bill Toma

Bill Toma is a renowned bronze artist who has made several artworks featuring Mickey Mouse.

This one is called "A Case of the Missing Footprints".

It was a 2002 Disneyana Convention Limited Edition where only 50 were made.

Capodimonte Laurenz Figurines

Mickey Mouse Capodimonte Laurenz

Here is a set of Capodimonte Laurenz Mickey Mouse through the years figurines.

Originally made in 1988, these eight pieces celebrate Mickey's 60th Birthday.

2500 were made and come with hand-signed certificates of authenticity.

Each figurine shows a special time in Mickey's evolution through the years, from Steamboat Willie in 1928 to modern Mickey in 1988.

Each piece is made of fine porcelain by Italian sculptor Enzo Arzenton for Capodimonte.

Value and Pricing. We have seen this set of eight Capodimonte Laurenz Mickey Mouse Figurines sell for $1500. We also saw the set sell for about $750 to a horrible and possibly mentally off seller, so you never know what deal you may find..

Chilmark Pewter

Mickey Mouse Chilmark Pewter

Chilmark made these fine pewter figurines to celebrate Mickey Mouse.

Each figurine is a limited edition of 2500 and is about seven inches tall.

Limited Edition Anri Figurine

Anri Mickey Mouse Figurine

Only fifty of these wonderful handcarved Mickey Mouse figurines by Anri were made.

Large. It measures a shade under two feet tall at twenty-three inches.

Mickey is shown in a fun standing pose, smiling with rosy cheeks. At his feet is a pink flower with green leaves.

Value and Pricing: We saw this limited edition Anri figurine in mint condition sell for about $1400. It was a deal.

Jim Shore Mickey Mouse in Pajamas

A very colorful Mickey Mouse is all preppped for bedtime in these wild pajamas and matching slippers.

The main color is red, with green swirls and multi-colored snowmen. He is standing on a pedestal adorned with more colorful swirls, leaves and berries. Mickey's ears are not simply black. They are checkered with black and blue squares.

A fun figurine it measures a little more than five inches high, a little less than three inches in length, and is more than two inches wide.

Mickey looks like he is having a good time, and you will too with this colorful Jim Shore piece.

Pricing and Value: Originally sold new for $28 at Macy's.

Nao by Lladro I Love You Mickey Mouse

(see a larger picture here)

An adorable figurine capturing what every young girl wants to do with her Mickey Mouse Doll.

Lladro, via their Nao division, shows a girl in a full-length white niteshirt with blue trim holding her Mickey Mouse doll tight. Mickey appears to be looking up at her appreciating the love.

Mickey Mouse is shown in a classic style, with red shorts, yellow shoes, and a happy smile.

Made in Spain, this Disney collectible figurine is made of porcelain and stands five and one-half inches high and three and one-half inches wide.

Value and Pricing: I Love You Mickey Mouse by Nao / Lladro was originally sold at Macy's for $155. You may be able to find it for less.

THIS IS A NEWLY RELEASED PRODUCT. Disney Swarovski® Mickey and Friends Figurine Limited Edition 250 - Minnie

Signed D23 2015 Disney Infinity 3.0 King Kingdom Hearts Power Disc

Sno Cone Stand

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