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Mickey Mouse Genta Watches

Gerald Genta was a heralded Swiss watchmaker who passed away in 2011. The Wall Street Journal referred to Genta's watches as the most expensive and most complicated in the world. During his time he created some Mickey Mouse watches which we feature here.

Mickey Mouse Gerald Genta Watch

Wow! And you thought all watches looked alike. What an interesting way to show minutes.

This unique time piece has a fun painted picture of Mickey Mouse on a mother of pearl watch face. The diameter is small at 27 mm. The watch base is made of stainless steel. The strap is made of red crocodile.

Mickey Mouse Gerald Genta Watch

This watch face has a more traditional look for minutes and with Mickey's arms pointing to the hour, but is still very cool. It has an octagonal look,

Made of mother of pearl and 18 karat yellow gold. The strap is made of red crocodile with a gold buckle. The watch diameter is 29 mm.

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Disney Gerald Genta Mickey mouse Watch - 18k gold - G32607

Look at this. Gerald Genta Retro Fantasy MOP Dial 18K Gold Watch G.3699 BF307594

Gerald Genta G.3622 Golf Green Dial Ss Watch

Mickey Mouse Genta

Gerald genta 18K gold G2770.7 MOP DIAL for Tonneau exclusive

Trivia: Mickey's Kangaroo was the last black and white cartoon for the mouse.



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