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Mickey Mouse Ingersoll Watches

Ingersoll made the very first Mickey Mouse watches - ultimatelly selling many millions. When you think of Mickey Mouse watches they start with Ingersoll. On this page we highlight a few of the best Ingersoll watches. The infamous Ingersoll pocketwatch is detailed on our pocketwatch page.

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll 1933 Watch

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll 1933 Watch with box

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll Watch

This is the rare and famous 1933 Ingersoll 'Wirelug' Mickey Mouse Watch. It is the first Mickey Mouse wristwatch that was made.

There were two versions of this watch. Shown above is the rarer version where the large numbers 5 and 7 on the watch appear above Mickey's knees.

The original watch has five links in the band. The face of the watch has a glass crystal. Also shown is the original box the watch came in. Although the box shows Mickey with white gloves and red shoes, on the watch Mickey appears with yellow gloves and yellow shoes.

After the watch was released the box was changed. This is next version:

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll 1933 Critter box

This is called the "critter" box due to all the characters shown on the outside cover.

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll 1933 blue box

The third version of the original watch came in this blue box. It says "Ingersoll Mickey Mouse" at the bottom and features a large picture of Mickey Mouse. This time the picture of Mickey on the box matches the version on the watch with the yellow gloves and yellow shoes.

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll 1935 Watch

In 1935 Ingersoll revised the watch. One of the distinguishing features from the original watch is that Mickey's knees are now even with the 7 and 5 on the watch face.

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll 1940s Watch

In the 1940s Ingersoll released this watch. It is known as being very easy to read the time. The numbers are large and in red. Mickey's arms rotate around to show the hours and minutes for the time.

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll 1952 Watch

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll 1952 Watch

In 1952 Ingersoll created this watch. It has a bright pink band and pink numbers on the watch face.

The watch came in a bright yellow box promoting the Ingersoll Mickey Mouse wrist watch.



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