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Mickey Mouse Jewelry

Here is some selected jewelry we have seen sold, followed by items currently available to purchase.

Mickey Mouse Diamond Ring

Mickey Mouse Diamond Ring

A very nice women's diamond ring with three diamonds in the shape of Mickey Mouse's famous head and ears.

This 14 karat yellow gold diamond ring sold for $500. The total carat weight was one quarter of a karat. The diamonds had a color grade of G with a clarity level of SI.

Mickey Mouse Gold Charm

Mickey Mouse Gold Charm

A beautifully detailed 14 karat yellow gold Mickey Mouse charm. It sold for $275. It measured three quarters of an inch in height and was three-eighths of an inch wide.

Mickey Mouse Skull Ring

Mickey Mouse Skull Ring

Very interesting. Not for everyone, but perfect for the right person. These Mickey Mouse skull rings are typically custom made.

This skull ring was made from solid 925 sterling silver and sold for $200.

Mickey Mouse Gold Necklace

Mickey Mouse Gold Necklace

This 16 inch 14 karat gold necklace has a one-half inch pendant featuring Mickey Mouse. It has a lobster claw clasp and a fine double cable chain.

It sold for $180.

Mickey Mouse Jewelry Box

Mickey Mouse Stained Glass Jewelry Box

A jewelry box featuring Mickey Mouse is an often overlooked accessory for your jewelry.

Shown in the above picture is a 19702 stained glass Mickey Mouse box. Made from Disney slag glass (opaque glass with colored streaks). Measuring about five and one-half inches by two and a quarter inches by five and a quarter inches. It sold for $135.

Mickey Mouse Heart Pendant

Mickey Mouse Heart Pendant

The silver engraved open heart pendant was originally sold by Macy's but has sold out.

The engraving in the pendant reads: "If you can dream it, you can become it".

Eighteen inches long with a one inch drop, at the end of the open heart is a small outline of Mickey's ears.

This is but one of several different varieties of silver Mickey Mouse heart pendants that have been made.

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