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Mickey Mouse Lamp Ideas

Dale Tiffany Mickey Mouse Touch Lamp

(see a larger picture here)

Dale Tiffany is a well known designer of art and stained glass lighting. He creates Tiffany-style lamps - which, given his name, is a natural. Dale Tiffany, though, who started his work in 1979 should not be confused with the much older Tiffany Company.

This colorful and fun Mickey and Minnie Mouse lamp shows large figures in playful poses surrounded by a sea of multi-colored Mickey-head shapes.

(see a larger picture here)

The light looks just as good during the day as it does at night.

(see a larger picture here)

The white Mickey Mouse head figure at the top is a nice detail.

This is a touch lamp so it turns on and off by touching it without needing to find the on and off switch.

Soreng Manegold Mickey Mouse Lamp

One of the rare Mickey Mouse lamps that is easily identifiable is a tin lamp made by the Soreng Manegold Company during the 1930s. In this picture the lamps are looking a little rusty, but common for their age.

To spruce them up and make the lamp look a little nicer some sellers include a modern, hand painted lampshade.

Pricing and Value: These can sell for a hundred to couple hundred dollars.

Water Tower Mickey Mouse Lamp

A fascinating and rare lamp made to look like a water tower.

About twenty inches tall it is a good size.

Pricing and Value: This hard to find collectible sold for $1265.

Mickey Mouse Column Lamp

From the Disney Grand Floridian these unique lamps look like ancient Roman or Greek columns.

The lamps are made of resin, painted by hand and made to look like old marble.

Pricing and Value: These unique and eye catching lamps commonly sell for more than $500.

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