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Mickey Mouse Monopoly

Several different versions of Mickey Mouse Monopoly have been released. If you just want to have loads of fun playing Monopoly with Disney characters it may not matter which game you get. If you are a collector then you will need to know about the different versions, and you will find that information on this page.

2004 75th Anniversary Version

75th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Monopoly

75th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Monopoly

75th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Monopoly

A MUST HAVE for Mickey Mouse lovers!

In 2004 Disney released this Mickey Mouse Monopoly edition to celetrate Mickey's 75th Anniversary. It is all about Mickey Mouse and not other Disney properties.

Show above is the sealed original box, front and back. The different properties on the Monopoly board correspond with movies Mickey has been in and characters such as Minnie and Goofy which appear with Mickey.

75th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Monopoly

Inside the box the game includes:

Game Board
Mickey Play Money & Banker's Tray
Twelve Hotels renamed Movie Vaults
Thirty Two Houses renamed Movie Reels
Sixteen Present Day Mickey Cards
Sixteen Original Mickey Cards
Two Dice
Six Collectible Pewter Tokens
Title Deed Cards

The back of the box partly says:

Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Celebrate and relive the magic of the world's most famous and beloved mouse with this special 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition that is totally customized for the ultimate Mickey Mouse MONOPOLY game experience. Vie to own cherished Mickey Mouse movie posters such as "The Prince and the Pauper", "Runaway Brain", "The Band Concert" and "Fantasia".

Mickey's proud heritage appeals to every generation so get ready for 75 years of fun and spend some time with an old friend.

2009 Disney Version

2009 Disney Monopoly

2009 Disney Monopoly

In 2009 Hasbro released this version of Disney Monopoly. This pictures above show the front and back of a factory sealed box.

Although this board game is generic to Disney and not specialized to Mickey Mouse, since Mickey is so prominently featured it is often included as a Mickey collectible.

The back of the box says this:

Enter the magic world of MONOPOLY with the Disney Edition!

Race around the board building cottages and castles, visiting your favorite Disney characters as you go.

MONOPOLY Disney features more than 25 of the films you know and love, from Lady and the Tramp to High School Musical and Hannah Montana!

Get into character with one of the six classic Disney movers, and enjoy the benefits of Tinker Bell, who will help you along the way.

MONOPOLY Disney - everything you love about the MONOPOLY game, with a sprinkling of Disney sparkle!

The box then includes pictures from numerous films and characters, including Mickey in Fantasia, High School Musical, Toy Story, Snow White, Saving Nemo, The Lion King and more.

2001 Disney Version

Note: Do not be confused about Disney versions. This 2001 game barely includes any reference to Mickey Mouse. If you want to play Monopoly with Mickey you do not want to get this game. If you are a Disney lover or Disney collector then this will definitely interest you.

2001 Disney Monopoly

2001 Disney Monopoly

2001 Disney Monopoly

In this 2001 Disney Monopoly game, the normal properties are replaced with Disney movies. Instead of hotels and houses you play with Sleeping Beauties Castles and White Rabbits Cottages. There are eight pewter Disney moving tokens which include the Lady and Tramp, Mowgli from the Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

2001 Disney Monopoly

Again, very nice for Disney lovers but not really related to Mickey Mouse.



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