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Mickey Mouse Necklaces

Chopard Mickey Mouse Necklace

Mickey Mouse Chopard Necklace

This fabulous necklace is made by Swiss designer Chopard and is worth more than $4000.

The necklace is from the Happy Diamond collection. It is made from 18 karat rose gold, solid of course. The necklace features eight images of Mickey Mouse and three crystals. Rose gold is also known as pink gold or red gold and is popular in jewelry.

Mickey Mouse Chopard Diamond Necklace

Fantastic if you get find it - and afford it!

This is part of Chopard's Happy Mickey Collection. High quality jewelry made in Switzerland. The Mickey Mouse pendant has movable arms, legs and head. Beneath his head is a bow tie and then a round middle belly which has a Ruby, Sapphire and Happy Diamond which also form the infamous Mickey years look. Made in 18k gold, the necklas has a twenty-four inch chain. The Mickey pendant is about one one-half inches high.

Value and Pricing: We saw this Chopard necklace and Mickey pendant sell for $4800.

Swarovski Mickey Mouse Necklace

Mickey Mouse Swarovski Necklace

Mickey Mouse Swarovski Necklace

Swarovski makes this super cute Mickey Mouse necklace made from Swarovski crystals.

Mickey is about three-quarters of an inch high. He has black ears, eyes and nose, with red shorts and yellow shoes.

Bracciale Mickey Mouse Necklace

Mickey Mouse Bracciale Necklace

Very interesting! This stainless steel Bracciale Mickey Mouse necklace features a charm in the shape of Mickey's ears. Inside the main charm and three smaller and colorful charms which float: a Mickey Mouse head, Mickey Mouse's shorts, and an American flag with Mickey ears replacing the stars.



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