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Mickey Mouse Nike Products

Disney and Nike have periodically teamed up to produce some very nice Mickey Mouse products. First on this page we highlight some of our favorites, including products you have not have thought of. Then, further down are listings of Mickey Mouse Nike items currently available to purchase today.


Blue Nike Golf Mickey Mouse Polo Shirt

This popular and stylish polo shirt is from Nike golf. On the breast is a picture of Mickey Mouse finishing a golf swing.

This shirt has the Nike swoosh in white on the left sleeve, and the inside shirt label refers to Nike Golf.

This shirt style has also been seen in navy, red, purple, and various stripes.

Nike Performance Golf Mickey Mouse Fade Shirt

Here is an interesting look not often seen. By Nike Golf, this Performance polo fades from dark gray to light gray. There is a black outline of Mickey Mouse on the front - Mickey is standing with his foot out. The Nike swoosh appears on the left short sleeve.

Nike Dri-Fit Mickey Mouse Shirt

This dri-fit shirt by Nike has an entirely different looking Mickey Mouse logo. The Mickey head is in green surrounded by a green circle. On this black shirt the green really pops out and is striking.

Golf Balls

Nike Mickey Mouse Golf Balls

These Mickey Mouse golf balls from Nike are fun. Great to display, or when playing with the younger set - although you may be sad if you lose them in a water hazard.

Mickey is shown in the same pose finishing his swing as seen on the popular Nike polo shirts.

Nike Mickey Mouse Golf Balls

We also found this version of mojo golf balls featuring Mickey Mouse and produced by Nike. It is a colorful pose with Mickey on the green.

Nike Mickey Mouse Golf Balls

Nike also made these golf balls featuring just the face of Mickey Mouse.



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