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Mickey Mouse Ornament Ideas

Many Mickey ornaments have been made over the years. Here are a few of our favorites, then there are listings of currently currently available today.

Our special Lenox Disney Ornaments page is here.

Waterford Mickey Mouse Ornament

Mickey Mouse Waterford Ornament

Go here to see the Waterford ornaments

Sorcerer's Apprentice Ornaments

Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice Ornament

You can't go wrong with the Sorcerer's Apprentice. This Radko ornament has the classic look with an innocent and loveable Mickey in his blue hat and red robe. This looks great on every tree.

Swarovski Mickey Mouse Ornaments

Mickey Mouse Swarovski Ornament

This crystal ornament from Swarovski brings elegance and beauty to any tree.

Mickey Mouse Ornament Made of Gold

Mickey Mouse Gold Victorian Ornament

Here is a 24k gold Mickey Mouse victorian Christmas Ornament. It is made by Baldwin and originally available at Walt Disney World.

The gold ball with the Mickey ears makes for a great look.

Nutcracker Mickey Mouse Ornaments

Mickey Mouse Nutcracker Ornament

We really like this glass Mickey Mouse Nutcracker King Ornament Set. It originally came from the Disney Parks.

Featuring three kings, with green, red and purple crowns, and some very happy and vivid Mickey Mouse faces.

Hallmark Decoupage Ball Mickey Mouse Ornament

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are shown ice skating while holding hands.

A very colorful ornament, this decoupage ball is shatterproof in case it is dropped.

It comes with a satin ribbon hanger that can be easily wiped clean.

The ornament is eighty mm in diameter, or between three and three-quarter inches.

For decoupage Christmas ornament collectors this is a must for the collection. If you are not familiar with decoupage balls this is a good choice to get to see what they are about.

Pricing and Value: Originally sold new for $12 at Macy's.

Hallmark 2017 Mickey Mouse Ornament

This Disney ornament features a red, black and white Mickey Mouse shape helping to create the zero in the date 2017.

An interesting concept. It will grab some. But not others.

We like this type of design much more on the Mickey Mouse "pants" cookie jar.

The size is small, almost two and three-quarters high and one and a quarter inches wide.

The ornament originally comes with a satin/resin hanging ribbon that can easily be wiped clean.

Pricing and Value: Originally sold new for $16 at Macy's.

Hallmark Skating Mickey Mouse Ornament

Mickey Mouse is ready for cold weather with his coat, gloves and hat. On his back he is carrying ice skates.

Brightly colored, the ornament is made of resin for durability and being able to be handled by little hands.

The ornament originally comes with a satin/resin hanging ribbon that can easily be wiped clean.

The ornament is slightly less than three inches high.

Pricing and Value: Originally sold new for $16 at Macy's.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Victorian Ornament

(see a larger picture here)

This wonderful Christmas ornament depicts Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse singing Christmas carols.

They are sharing the same hymn book.

The Disney characters are wearing Victorian clothes in beaded and gilded gold.

In addition, they have red or rouge sashes that appear luxurious. Mickey has a matching hat.

Gold Mickey ears are imprinted on the front of their outfits, near the bottom. This particular design suggests Disney World may be the origin for this product.

(see a larger picture here)

Looking at the back of the ornament is a touching view as Mickey and Minnie lovingly are embracing each others backs.

(see a larger picture here)

Unfortunately, we do not yet know who made this Disney ornament, know when it was made, and it seems to be very hard to find. The bottom is white and plain, with the exception of a reference to Disney, China being the country of manufacture, and the number J523-4781-7-11137.

If you are fortunate enough to find this ornament you may not want to pass it up.



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