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Mickey Mouse Phone

Quite a few Mickey Mouse phones have been made over the years. First we present information about some of our favorite telephones. Further below are listings of Mickey phones available to purchase right now.

Mickey Mouse Rotary Phone With Lamp

Mickey Mouse Rotary Phone With Lamp

Mickey Mouse Rotary Phone With Lamp

Rare and hard to find, this Mickey Mouse desktop rotary phone also comes with a lamp. You can find rotary phones, but not usually with a lamp.

Mickey Mouse Rotary Phone With Lamp

As you can see on the bottom it says "The Mickey Mouse Phone" was made by the American Telecommunications Corporation and there is a blue stamp referring to the "Portable Lamp".

Made in the 1970s it is about twenty-seven inches tall.

The telephone has Mickey standing with his right hand holding the yellow phone which matches his shoes. The rotary dial is gold and the top of the phone is red with brown sides.

Mickey Mouse Rotary Dial Phone

Mickey Mouse Rotary Phone

More commonly found is the same version of the Mickey Mouse rotary phone as a stand alone unit without the additional lamp. This version is also much practical and could be put in more places - although we doubt you will be using today as a working phone.

This Mickey Mouse telephone was made in 1976.

Mickey Mouse Push Button Phone

Mickey Mouse Push Button Phone

This phone is very similar, but notice the rotary dial was been placed with a new, high tech push button version.

This Mickey Mouse phone was made in 1976.

Mickey Mouse Push Button Phone With Lamp

Mickey Mouse Push Button Phone With Lamp

Another version of the push button phone, this one has the lamp and is thus harder to find. This one was advertised as having the original shade.

Mickey Mouse Animated Phone

Mickey Mouse Push Animated Phone

Fun desk top phones. Mickey Mouse's head and arm move when the phone rings. When it rings you can choose between a regular ring or having Mickey talk to you. When Mickey starts talking there are five different phrases (in his original voice) he uses to let you know someone is calling.

We like this one as Mickey is standing up tall with a very friendly look on his face. First sold it in the late 1990s this telephone has been discontinued, but you should still be able to get it.

Mickey Mouse Talking Phone

Mickey Mouse Telemania Talking Phone

Mickey Mouse Telemania Talking Phone

Mickey Mouse Telemania Talking Phone

This is the Telemania talking Mickey Mouse Animated Talking Phone. It was made in 1997.

The back of the box describes what this phone does:

- Mickey's head and arm actually move when calls are received.

- Mickey alerts you to incoming calls in his very own voice (5 different sayings)

- Simulated antique rotary dial with push-button dial pad

- Switchable Mickey voices/regular ringer control

- Last number redial; tone/pulse switchable

- FCC and ETL approved

- Requires 4-C batters (not included)



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