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Mickey Mouse Plates

Countless Mickey Mouse plates have been made over the years. On this page we first share a few of our favorite ideas so you can see the types of plates that are often available.

Mickey Mouse Tupperware Plate

Mickey Mouse Tupperware Plate

(see a larger picture here)

This Tupperware Mickey Mouse plate is a lot of fun.

Bright red plastic with matching spoon and fork, it is in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

There is also an imprint of Mickey's face inside the plate.

The plate measures about six inches by eight inches in size.

Vintage Mickey Mouse Plate

Mickey Mouse Eleanor Welborn Plate

This vintage Mickey Mouse plate from artist Eleanor Welborn is both classic and fun.

It shows a colorful Mickey, Donald Duck, and Pluto at the circus.

The Welborn plate is rarely seen, but other vintage Disney plates are available:

Standing Mickey Mouse Plate

Standing Mickey Mouse Cookie Plate

This standing Mickey Mouse cookie plate is fantastic.

... and we know next to nothing about it. Sold by Disney Direct, it is item number 44325.

Just one of many great Disney products where when it goes by you may never see it again.

Mickey Mouse Alphabet Plate

Mickey Mouse Alphabet Plate

(see a larger picture here)

A rare plate from the 1930s, this shows Mickey Mouse in the center of a white plate with a short lip on which are letters of the alphabet.

There is a gold pinstripe on the raised edge.

Old - and interesting - it refers to Walt Disney by name as authorizing production and not the Disney company.

Mickey Mouse Alphabet Plate

(see a larger picture here)

Here is a close-up view of Mickey banging a drum on the plate.

Mickey Mouse Alphabet Plate

(see a larger picture here)

The bottom of the plate has identification information. It says in gold lettering:

"Mickey Mouse China
Authorized by Made in Bavaria"

The plate is seven and five-eighths inches in diameter.

Value and Pricing: We saw this 1930s Mickey Mouse alphabet plate from Bavaria in excellent shape sell for $280.

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