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Mickey Mouse Ingersoll Pocket Watch

One of the most collectible pocket watches in the world is the Ingersoll Mickey Mouse pocket watch. It was first made in 1932 and 1933, with other verions in later years.

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll Pocket Watch Front

Here you see the front of the 1932 / 1933 version (made in 1932 and sold in 1933).

Note that in this first version of the watch you will see that Mickey's knees on the pocket watch dial are positioned by Ingersoll directly between the numbers 7 and 5. These numbers are also larger than what appear on later versions of the watch.

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll Pocket Watch Front

To compare - here is the 1934 version of the Ingersoll pocket watch. Note that Mickey's knees are now positioned above the 7 and 5 instead of between them, and the smaller size of the numbers.

The 1932 / 1933 version of this watch is more valuable than the 1934 watch (although all are rare collectibles).

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll Pocket Watch Back

This is a picture of the back of the pocket watch. Mickey Mouse is shown in the middle. Inscribed at the top of the circle is "Ingersoll" and at the bottom it says "Mickey Mouse".

Mickey Mouse Ingersoll Pocket Watch Box

The picture of the original box the watch comes in. The watch also has a certificate of authenticity.

Mickey Mouse Musical Pocket Watch Dolan-Bullock

Dolan-Bullock made this gold colored Mickey Mouse pocket watch in 1998.

Two features which make this pocket watch interesting are (1) it is a limited edition where only 1000 were made, and (2) it is musical.

The Mickey Mouse March" plays when winding a key on the back of the watch.

The box originally comes in a Colibri wood box, certificate of authenticity, a sixteen page booklet about Mickey Mouse, and a warranty card with watch instructions.

Mickey Mouse Verichron Aviator Pocket Watch

This pocket watch by Verichron is not old, but very cool nonetheless.

It features Mickey Mouse as an aviator, and the coloring matches the subtle banded edge around the outside of the watch.

The look is very nice.

Bradley Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch

This is the Bradely Disney Mickey Mouse Railroad Pocket Watch Set

It dates from 1975 and is made by Bradley, a division of Elgin.

The pocket watch itself is about one and seven-eighths inches in diameter. It works by winding up and there is no battery.

The watch face has Mickey Mouse. Ove the 12 is Bradley and by the 6 is Made in USA and Walt Disney Productions.

Bradley Railroad Mickey Mouse Pocket

As you can see on the back of the Bradley pocket watch there is an engraved locomotive.



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