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Mickey Mouse Poster Ideas

Mickey Mouse posters are a fun way to liven up any wall. An endless variety are available. On this page we showcase a few of our favorites to get your brain going about what may be available.

Josh Keyes: A Whole New World

Mickey Mouse Josh Keyes Tiger Poster

Sold for $479, this very interesting poster is made by Josh Keyes and is called "A WHOLE NEW WORLD".

Only 200 of this limited edition print were made - so it will be luck if you find one. Each is numbered and signed. The poster size is eighteen inches by thirty-four inches.

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse are standing on a pedestal in front of the Magic Kingdom. Snow is on the ground and a pack of Tigers is running by.

So odd it is incredibly cool!

Greg Craola: Mickey Mouse Skull

Greg Craola Mickey Mouse Skull Poster

Another interesting concept, this one by artist Greg "Craola" Simkins shows Mickey Mouse as a skull with some artistic flair.

This poster is called "Trophy" and was made in 2014. It is a very limited and signed edition of only 50 prints.

We have seen it sell for $250.

The number made is so low it will be difficult to get, but you may find something else that is "skill" and Mickey related.

Vintage Mickey Mouse Poster

German Mickey Mouse Poster

A vintage poster of the Mouse you are familiar with, although this also has a twist or too.

The poster is in German and dates from the 1930s to 1940s. "Spanischer Kopfsalat" refers to Spanish Salad (we think).

It sold for $149.

Classic Mickey Mouse Poster

Vintage Mickey Mouse Poster

This vintage Mickey Mouse poster is as classic as you can get.

Amazing, one lucky buyer picked it up for about ten bucks. If you see a deal like this act fast!

Andy Warhol Mickey Mouse Poster

Andy Warhol Mickey Mouse Poster

Andy Warhol is one of the most popular are recognized pop artists of the last century - and so are his Mickey Mouse prints.

This poster sold for $200. It is a four-square print of Mickey. You can't go wrong with a Warhol on your wall.

Mickey Mouse Coach Posters

Coach Mickey Mouse Poster

Coach and Disney have joined together to celebrate Mickey Mouse. In addition to the coach handbags a couple posters have also been released.

The posters are black with a red printed Mickey Mouse. Each is twenty-four by thirty-six inches in size. We have seen these posters sell for about $50 including shipping.

Above is Mickey Mouse on skates and facing to the right.

Here is the other version showing Mickey Mouse with his tongue out, spitting, facing to the left.

Mickey Mouse Movie Poster

Mickey Mouse Movie Poster

A poster, even a reproduction, from a Mickey Mouse movie or cartoon is a fun way to lighten the mood in a room.

Shown is a reproduction of a vintage movie poster announcing the release of a new Mickey Mouse sound cartoon.

WWII Mickey Mouse Poster

Mickey Mouse WWII Poster

(see a larger picture here)

From the World War II years (US involvement 1941-1945) this Disney poster uses Mickey Mouse to support buying war bonds.

The poster says:

Appreciate America

"Come on Gang -
All Out For Uncle Same"

Buy United States Defense Bonds and Savings Stamps

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