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Mickey Mouse Radio

Model 411 Emerson Radio

Mickey Mouse Emerson Radio

If you want a radio collectible the place to start is with this famous Emerson Mickey Mouse radio. It is the most collectible Mickey radio in the world.

Made by Emerson in the 1930s, the model 411 is one of the first novelty radios ever made. It was created just a few years after "Steamboat Willie," this radio catapulted Emerson into prominence and spread knowledge of the now classic mouse.

The cabinet is made of Syroco, a material similar to Repwood.

Note that when these become available they sell fast.

Model 410 Emerson Radio

Mickey Mouse Emerson Radio 410

The model 410 Mickey Mouse radio made by Emerson in the 1930s. It looks a lot like the 409 model.

Value and Pricing: We saw a Emerson model 410 Mickey Mouse radio sell for $1100 despite being in poor condition: not working, badly chipped, loose knobs and the laminate separating. Fact is, if you can find any Emerson Mickey radio in about any condition it is valuable.

Model 409 Emerson Radio

Mickey Mouse Emerson Radio 409

The model 409 Mickey Mouse novelty radio was made by Emerson in 1933. You can see in the bottom picture this is an old tube radio. This was an A-4 110 volt radio measuring seven inches by seven and one-half inches by five and one-half inches in size.

As shown the radio has a yellow-cream color with green highlights and musical clef knobs. A picture of Mickey Mouse is front and center as he plays a musical instrument.

Value and Pricing: We saw a Emerson model 409 Mickey Mouse radio in good visual condition - but not working - for almost $1600.

1960s GE Radio

Mickey Mouse General Electric Radio

Another popular radio is the GE radio from the 1960s and early 1970s.

The look from General Electric is in sharp contrast to the 1930s style, but it does feature a nice raised relief image of Mickey.

Yellow AM Radio

Mickey Mouse Yellow Transistor Radio

The yellow, AM transistor radio has a lot of unique class.

Bright yellow, the radio is seven and three-quarter inches by 8 and three-quarter inches in size, and three inches deep.

Mickey Mouse is lying on top of the radio waiting for his favorite music to play. This is a fun collectible.



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