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Mickey Mouse Ring Selection

Different Mickey Mouse rings always seem to be available as many have been made over the years in low quantities. Here are a few of our favorites to give you ideas of different types of ring styles which are available.

Mickey Mouse Dream Ring

This interesting ring comes in three separate bands, which when put together looks like the picture. Inside the bands are the words 'dream,' 'wish,' and 'believe.'

On one side the bands combine to create the famous outline of Mickey's head. The ring is made of the silver and the many stones are cubic zirconia to help keep this affordable.

Mickey Mouse Cast Member Gold Ring

Walt Disney used to provide cast members with a gold ring after 20 years of service.

The pictured ring was presented in 1976 to a cast member. The ring is 10k gold. One side of the ring has Disney imprinted and the other side has the year. In the middle, of course, is a fun picture of Mickey Mouse.

The ring features a polished finish and wonderful detailing. Our favorite Mouse stands out against the matte background of the brushed gold face.

Value and Pricing: We saw this 20-year cast member ring sell for $500.

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This 1989 cast member gold ring sold for $700.

Disney Cruise Ring

This intricate gold ring has three bands, almost looking like waves, which come together and then spread apart. Centered in the middle is the iconic Mickey ears logo. Very fine, you might miss it if you didn't look close.

The placard that comes with the ring states:

These highly cherished designs are made of the finest materials, esquisitely crafted in 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold or silver - works of art you can wear so you can always cherish the fond memories of your magical Disney cruise.

May your dreams come true and last a lifetime with this Disney Cruise Line exclusive jewelry collection.

Value and Pricing: We saw this Disney Cruise Line ring sell for $415.

Mickey Mouse Head Ring

A vintage gold ring we saw with no definite date.

Very interesting, it features Mickey Mouse's head. It is sure to grab the attention of those you are with. The rink is marked as being 14k gold.

Value and Pricing: We saw this vintage gold Mickey ring sell for $200.

Mickey Mouse Face Imprint Gold Ring

This 14k gold ring has a top imprint of Mickey Mouse's face, surrounded by the words Mickey Mouse.

Value and Pricing: We saw this gold Mickey ring sell for $150.

Mickey Mouse Wedding Ring

Would you present a Mickey Mouse ring as a wedding or bridal ring?

Or, does this make for fantastic second ring or just an investment?

Very nice looking, these are cubic zirconia rings made from silver with rose gold plating. The design and look is what grabs you, with the "Mickey Mouse" appearance due to the large middle gemstone and two matching, but smaller gems in the ear positions. Many more colors are styles can be found in addition to the few shown in the pictures.

Since these are not real diamonds or solid gold, which would be extremely expensive, we suggest this as a second ring and not an actual wedding ring.

Value and Pricing: We have seen these Mickey Mouse wedding rings sell for $120.

Zuni Mickey Mouse Ring

Zuni Mickey Mouse Ring

Artist Veronica Nastacio of the Zuni American Indian tribe is known for making inlaid rings featuring Mickey Mouse.

Here Nastacio has created a sterling silver ring featuring Mickey Mouse made from inlaid stones.

More detailed information is available on our Zuni Rings Page.



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