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Mickey Mouse Rocking Horse Selection

1930s Wooden Rocking Horse

Mickey Mouse 1930s Mengel Wooden Rocking Horse

Made in the 1930s by Mengel Playthings, this wooden rocking horse as a full color picture of Mickey Mouse instead of the horse.

As you can see, in the 1930s it was a big hit with the kids. Back then there was no Internet, no tech, no air conditioning, often no indoor plumbing, the dust bowl and depression. Yes, imaginative fun of Mickey was loved!

Another picture of the rocking horse from the top. It has a wide rocker and thin board running down the middle for Mickey.

Size: the rocking horse is eleven inches by thirty five and-half inches and twenty-five inches tall.

Value and Pricing: We have seen the Mengel Playthings rocking horse, still in a sturdy and very good condition, sell for about $1600.

1930s Wind Up Rocking Horse

Mickey Mouse 1932 Borgfeldt Wind Up Rocking Horse

Really interesting! From 1932 by George Borgfeldt and made in Japan (not many pre-war products were coming from Imperial Japan to the US) this beautiful wind-up wood horse rocks back and forth with Mickey Mouse on top.

Mickey has the horse's reigns in his left hand and his right hand is up and out to give balance.

Value and Pricing: We saw this Borgfeldt wind up Mickey Mouse rocking horse, in excellent condition, sell for $925.

2010 Hallmark Rocking Horse Ornament

2010 Hallmark Keepsake Mickey Mouse Rocking Horse Ornament

Perfect! The product title is Two-Gun Mickey.

In 2010 Hallmark Keepsake released this precious ornament showing Mickey Mouse in a red and yellow cowboy outfit riding his horse. Mickey has a red cowboy hat on which matches his red riding chaps. His boots and riding vest are yellow.

As you might imagine, Mickey has a big grin on his face. And you will too if you can get this rocking horse ornament.

Value and Pricing: We have seen the Two-Gun Mickey ornament sell for $14.

Mickey Rocking Horse Pin

Cute one and one-half inch pin, this limited edition was released for the 2001 Walt Disney World/Epcot Teddy Bear and Doll Convention. Sitting on the rocking horse Micke is holding a doll in one arm and a teddy bear in the other.

On the base of the rocker it states "Teddy Bear & Doll Weekend 2001".

Value and Pricing: We have seen this 2001 Walt Disney World convention pin sell for $13.

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THIS IS A NEWLY RELEASED PRODUCT. Disney Parks Nutcracker Xmas Decoration

Trivia: The first Mickey Mouse watch sold for $2.95.

Rare By American Toy Co. All Original NICE!!

Rare Disney Baby Rattle Toy w/Rocking Horse Plastic Red

Rare Weeble Wobble Gabrial Lot-3 Push-up puppet

KIDDELAND TOYS for DISNEY Musical Rocking Rider

Disney Santa Xmas Musical Rocking Horse with Movement, RARE

RARE Rare Illco Disney Wind-up Musical Toy

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5 Wilton Cake Pans /Spiderman/Rocking Horse/Book/Hex Used Aluminum

Gemmy - - Xmas - Rocking Horse - "Up on the Housetop" - Disney

Disney Rocker Musical Plush Works Rare Unique

1937 PAPER AD Toy Shoofly Mengel Terrier Dog Tom Mix

Trivia: Mickey has appeared in more than one hundred thirty films.

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Mickey Mouse Rocking Horse


Rare Disney Weeble Wobble Gabriel Rocking Horse

New Mickey Mouse Rocking Horse listed on MickeyMouseCollectibles.com! Get this Mickey Mouse Rocking Horse before others find it.
Disney Rare Plush Baby on Rocking Horse Musical Rudolph Reindeer

Trivia: The Band Concert is the name of the first color Mickey cartoon.

Disney Rare Toy Classic riding Pluto Rocking Horse Slider Pin

Great deal for the right person. Rare Illco Disney on Rocking Horse Wind-up Music London Bridge One of a kind deal so don't miss out.

Rare Weeble Wobble Gabrial

Rare Roly Poly on Rocking Horse by Gabriel - Made in Hong Kong

Hallmark Ornament Disney Two Gun 2010 Cowboy Rocking Horse NIB One of a kind deal so don't miss out.

Rare 1970s Disney Weeble Wobble Gabriel Rocking Horse

Disney Epcot Teddy Bear and Doll Weekend 2001 LE Pin

Rare ROLLY POLLY toy1970's Gabriel Rocking Horse

Rare Gabriel Roly Poly Rocking Horse Toy Disney Nursery Worth checking out more at this price.

Rare Baby Receiving Blankets Rocking Horse Bunny Balloon Primary

WDW Teddy Bear Doll Weekend 2001 GWP Disney Pin 8565

Trivia: Minnie is Mickey Mouse's girlfriend.

Disney Teddy Bear & Doll Convention Classic Slide Pin One of a kind deal so don't miss out.

Trivia: Mickey's most famous role was the Sorceror's Apprentice in Fantasia.

On A Rocking Horse Mini Xmas Ornament

, Dog, Pluto On A Rocking Horse Mini Xmas Ornament

New Mickey Mouse Rocking Horse listed on MickeyMouseCollectibles.com! Get this Mickey Mouse Rocking Horse before others find it.

Baby on a Rocking Horse Elongated Dime - Disneyland DL0274

A961 - Disney - Baby On Rocking Horse - Back Stamp - Disneyland Definitely a great deal.

Disney Parks Nutcracker Rocking Horse Xmas Figurine Yes, this is the one to get.

Christmas Disney Parks Nutcracker Figure + Stickers

SALE $25 Disney Santa On Rocking Horse Reindeer Xmas Holiday

Look at this. RARE Illco Disney Wind-up Music Lullaby Preschool Toy

Singing Santa on Rocking Horse Disney Xmas Fun Don't kick yourself for missing out on a great deal.



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