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Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain Ideas

Mickey Hearts

This Mickey shower curtain will also provide some privacy due to its dark colors (and also not show any grime buildup as quickly). It has hearts with Mickey across its 72 inches by 72 inches size, with Mickey spelled out across the bottom.

Black Shower Curtain

Privacy, stylish, and fun abound with the black shower curtain adorned with a huge playful figure of Mickey Mouse. Not everyone wants black, but this is a popular option.

Christmas Shower Curtain

The happiest place in the bathroom! Happy pictures of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse, in the red and white Santa outfits, in front of a snowy background will help create a festive holiday cheer.

Classic Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain

A classic pose. Whether it be a shower curtain, shirt, or another treasure, you can never go wrong with this classic pose of Mickey Mouse as he shyly sticks a leg out and holds his hands behind his back.

Vintage Film Strip Shower Curtain

This vintage shower curtain features a large Mickey Mouse in the center, surrounded by a film strip showing him in numerous memorable poses. Don't forget you're actually there to take a shower :)



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