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Mickey Mouse Statue Guide

Partners Statue

The "partners" statue at Disneyland is one of the more famous scenes greeting visitors to the park. (More information appears in our blog post about a photograph of the statute)

While you can't get the lifesize statue from Disneyland, you can get an awesome replica.

Show is a bronze statue. This is the original sold in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Large and heavy, it is about fourteen inches tall and nine and one-half inches at its base. It weighs a bit less than seven pounds. A smaller and lighter version may now be found at the parks.

Interesting detail: On Walt's tie are the letters "STR" - just like on the lifesize statute at Disneyland. "STR" refers to Smoke Tree Ranch where Walt Disney had a vacation home in Palm Springs, California.

Value and Pricing: We have seen this bronze "Partners" statute sell for less than $500. It was a deal.

Classics Statue

It All Started With a Mouse is the title of this statue featuring a sitting Walt Disney talking to a Mickey Mouse doll.

This limited edition was created by Walt Disney studios in 2001. It is about nine and one-half inches high and is product number 1213091.

Definitely a collectors item. While we prefer the more heart warming "Partners" statue with Walt and Mickey hand in hand, instead of Walt sitting in a chair, these are hard to find and difficult to pass up if you happen to see one available.

Value and Pricing: We have seen this sitting Walt Disney statute in new out of the box condition sell for $450.

Fantasia Statue

Very high reviews for this wonderful Jim Shore created statue of Mickey Mouse.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice is conducting with his wand. Apparently, all is still good. Dressed in a red coat and blue coned hat this piece is adorable. On the downside, it is small, only four and one-quarter inches high.

Mickey Mouse Uncle Sam Statue

Patriotic fun! This is Mickey Mouse as Uncle Sam.

Large - Mickey stands twenty two inches high (almost lifesize) and with the red circle star base adds a couple inches to be an even two feet high.

Value and Pricing: We have seen this Uncle Sam statue in good condition sell for $400.

Mickey Mouse Dracula Statue

Scary fun! This large vampire statue lights up.

A wildly entertaining Halloween accessory, more details and pictures are here ...

Mickey Mouse Statue

Disneyana Swarovski Sorcerer Limited Myriad Figure Statue LE Disney For Mickey lovers.

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