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Is there anything better than a stuffed Mickey Mouse?

You will probably want to review our Mickey Mouse Dolls page. There we have information about numerous types of Disney dolls, including rare, old and vintage dolls, talking dolls, lifesize dolls, and classic Mickey Mouse plush dolls.

We also have a plush page with some more information just about plush dolls. Below you will find information about other Mickey Mouse stuffed animal collectibles.

California Stuffed Toys

From our research the California Stuffed Toys Company was created in 1959 and produced many stuffed animals for Walt Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse. The company was located at 611 South Anderson Street in Los Angeles, California 90023.

In 1986 the company changed its name to CalToys, before going out of business in 1989.

Any California Stuffed Toys Mickey Mouse will be vintage and probably valuable.

Here are the vintage stuffed Mickey Mouse collectibles we have so far identified as being made by Californis Stuffed Toys:

Red Pants Mickey Mouse - Sixteen Inches Tall

California Stuffed Toys Mickey Mouse

We saw this toy found in good condition at an estate sale sell for only $20. It did not have the original tag and did not have the yellow bow around its neck. Any find with those original items, and of course the condition, will impact the value, price, and worth of the doll.

Sixteen inches high, this cute Mickey has full length red pants (help up with two bright yellow buttons) and yellow feet imitating his shoes. His torso is white, which is unusual. His arms, ears, and facial features are black and Mickey has a cute red tongue. Note Mickey's mouth is all black except for the red tongue.

Look for tears, stains, restitching, dirt, bow and the original tag. White torso and full length red pants make this an unusual Mickey Mouse collectible and perhaps worth more money.

Red Shorts Mickey Mouse - Red Mouth

California Stuffed Toys Mickey Mouse

This stuffed toy has a more traditional Mickey Mouse look with red shorts. As seen in the picture Mickey has a yellow bow wrapped around his neck. We are unsure if that was added later or was part of the original dool.

Mickey's eyes are blue and black, and he has a long black tail. Mickey's mouth is all red in this version.

Blue Body Mickey Mouse

California Stuffed Toys Mickey Mouse

This Mickey Mouse doll was included in a lot of others referred to as California Stuffed Toys products, but without any additional information.

This version has a blue body and could be a different version without pants or shorts, although that seems unlikely. These are not dress up dolls with separately sold clothing.

White Shirt and Blue Body Mickey Mouse

California Stuffed Toys Mickey Mouse

This sixteen inch high doll is likely the same doll above, but wearing a white shirt.

Mickey Mouse Club Version

California Stuffed Toys Mickey Mouse

This appears to be the same version, although it was reportedly measured at fourteen inches high. But instead of a plain white shirt the white shirt also includes the red circled Mickey Mouse logo for the Mickey Mouse Club.

Applause Mickey Mouse Stuffed Toys

Applause is a company based in Woodland Hills, California, known for making numerous Disney and Mickey Mouse products.

Santa Mickey Mouse

Applause Santa Mickey Mouse

Made in 1981 and sold at Walt Disney World, this fifteen inch Mickey Mouse toy was designed by the Knickerbocker Co. for Applause.

Value and Pricing: We saw this 1981 Applause Mickey Mouse doll in mint condition, with original tags, sell for $50.

Due to the number and variety of Applause Mickey toys, you can find more stuffed animals and other Mickey Mouse products on our special Applause Mickey Mouse page.

Classic Stuffed Plush Mickey Mouse

This is the one - the classic Mickey Mouse stuffed doll everyone needs to have. Almost a foot and a half in length, with a million happy kids over the years.

Melissa and Doug Mickey Mouse Puppet

One of the 100 most wished for stuffed toys, these wonderful Disney puppets from Melissa and Doug are highly rated. More information here on our Melissa and Doug Puppet page.

Huge Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animal

This jumbo sized Mickey Mouse is four feet high. Huge - this giant stuffed Mickey must be bigger than life size.

Value and Pricing: We saw this huge Mickey Mouse stuffed animal (48 inches high) sell in new condition for $85.

Black and White Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animal

Interesting concept: Steamboat Willie was originally released in black and white, so in 2000 Disney released this black and white Steamboat Willie toy. The stuffed animal is very cute. Looking at the pictures you might think it is a black and white photo but it is not.

Value and Pricing: We saw this black and white Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse stuffed animal bean bag sell in new condition with original tags for about $15 including shipping.

DisneySea 15th Anniversary Mickey Mouse

A blue Mickey Mouse?

DisneySea is the name of Disney's Japanese theme park in Tokyo. In 2016 DisneySea celebrated its 15th Anniversary, and one way it did was by releasing this very interesting blue Mickey Mouse.

Mickey has blue feet / shoes, the bottom of the left one refers to the 15th Anniversary celebration. He is wearing a fancy blue vest with gold trim and buttons and a matching blue and gold hat.

Blue is the color of the ocean, and that is what you get in Tokyo's DisneySea. A very unique collectible others will ask about and you will enjoy talking about.

Value and Pricing: We saw this 15th Anniversay DisneySea Mickey Mouse from Japan sell new for $95.



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