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The "funnest" toast you'll ever have. Enjoy breakfast with Mickey. Crisp your bread with Mickey's image - even have your toaster play Disney music when the toast is done.

Stainless Steel Mickey Mouse Toaster

Nice looking stainless steel toaster. This one has received a lot of favorable reviews.

In addition to burning a picture of Mickey Mouse into your toast, it can toast two pieces of bread at the same time. With the wide slots this well thought out product can also toast specialty bread (not just thin slices) and also even toast bagels.

Red Mickey Mouse Toaster

If red is your kitchen color there are plenty of red appliances. None, however, are as fun as having Mickey Mouse on the side. However, it just makes plain old toast.

VillaWare Musical Mickey Mouse Toaster

Villaware Mickey Mouse Musical Toaster

A Mickey Mouse toaster that plays music? Yes!

When the toast pops up the toaster plays the Mickey Mouse Club March.

This VillaWare four-slice toaster is no longer sold in stores. It has an imprint of Mickey's face on both ends. The toaster dials and levers are in the shape of Mickey's hands and head. A very cute kitchen product your family will love - or show it off as a collectible.

VillaWare started as an Italian company and the brand, now owned by Sunbeam Products, is known for its exellent kitchen products with sleek, geometrically sculpted styles.

Value and Pricing: We saw this VillaWare four-slice musical Mickey Mouse toaster sell for about $125. It was used but working and in near new condition.

Mickey Mornin Toaster

This two-slice toaster by VillaWare, called the Mickey Mornin Toaster, also plays the Mickey Mouse Club March when the toast pops up.

It is a playful two-slice alternative to the larger four-slice musical toaster.

This toaster, VillaWare product number 5555-11, has an exuberant Mickey on the side with the word Mornin' to welcome you to the happy new day.

The toast, of course, comes out crisped with the image of Mickey Mouse. Fun!

Value and Pricing: We saw this VillaWare two-slice musical Mickey Mouse Mornin' toaster sell new in the box for $100.

Mickey Mornin Toaster

Mickey Sanyo Musical Toaster

Sanyo Musical Mickey Mouse Toaster

This two-slice toaster by Sanyo plays It's a Small World when the toast is ready. Fun, it toasts a side view of Mickey's face on your bread. This is Sanyo product number SK-MT3.

The side of the toaster refers to Mickey Mouse Pop Up Toaster with an old-fashioned picture of Mickey looking a little bewieldered. The other side of the toaster has the same picture in a smaller version.

Value and Pricing: We saw this Sanyo musical Mickey Mouse Pop Up toaster in used condition, with a few scratches, sell for about $35 with shipping.



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