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Mickey Mouse Train Collectibles

Some fabulous Disney train collectibles made decades ago are "must haves" for any serious Mickey Mouse train collector.

There are also some new products today that - who knows - may become collectibles in the future.

On this page we explore a variety of product options.

Lionel Mickey Mouse Express Train

Although the Lionel is not the oldest collectible (it only dates to 1977-1978), it remains a very popular item for collectors.

You are looking at a complete 15 car set of Lionel's Mickey Mouse Express Train. Mint condition and never removed from their original boxes, this set was made in 1977-78.

The 15 item set includes:

6-9672 Mickey Mouse 50th Anniversary Car
6-9671 Fantasia Boxcar
6-9670 Alice and Wonderland Boxcar
6-9669 Bambi Boxcar
6-9668 Pluto Car
6-9667 Snow White Car
6-9666 Pinocchio Car
6-9665 Peter Pan Car
6-9664 Cinderella Hi Cube Boxcar
6-9663 Dumbo Hi Cube Boxcar
6-9662 Donald Duck Hi Cube Boxcar
6-9661 Goofy Hi Cube Boxcar
6-9660 Mickey Mouse Hi Cube Boxcar
6-9183 Caboose
6-8773 U36B Diesel Engine

Value and Pricing: We saw this complete Mickey Mouse Express 15 Car Train Set in mint condition sell for $1400.

Vintage Lionel Circus Trains

We have found two different Lionel Circus train products dating to the 1930s. Both are exceedingly difficult to find and not something you want to risk letting someone else snap up.

One is made by Wells and the other by Pride Lines.

Wells Lionel Circus Train

Made by Wells and worth thousands, this is an ultra rare Mickey Mouse Circus train complete with box.

The box includes six pieces of track, cardboard inserts, silver link clockwork #2509 engine, Mickey the stoker, tender marked one side: By Permission of Walt Disney Made in England. The set also includes with three Mickey Mouse train cars: the Circus Dining Car, Mickey Mouse Circus Car, and Mickey Mouse Band Car.

Pride Lines Lionel Circus Train

This fabulous Mickey Mouse Lionel train set was made in 1935. Also worth thousands.

The circus tent says "Lionel Mickey Mouse Circus Entrance". Several acts are depicted, including seeing the largest girl in the world at 999 pounds. The train going around the circus tent has three main cars featuring images of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and numerous animals such as tigers, elephants and monkeys.

(see a larger picture here)

Here is the box cover. Not in great shape, but is still shows you what to look for.

(see a larger picture here)

Another view of the three cars provided with the Lionel Pride Lines set.

(see a larger picture here)

For reference purposes this 1935 brochure advertising for the circus train is very interesting. (For clarity, the picture we are using is a 1977 reprint of the 1935 brochure for legibility).

The complete set originally cost $2!

Mickey calls it "A Circus of Fun!"

From the advertising it appears the handcar is given special emphasis to attract buyers.

The brochure for the circus train says:

A Circus of Fun!

Mickey Mouse and his tribe of movie stars are in the circus now. The whole Walt Disney family is on this decorated circus train that's hauled by the wind-up Commodore Vanderbilt and stoked by Master Mickey Mouse himself. And what a stoker he is! As the train whizzes around the track, his shovel goes up and down and bingo - right toward the firebox. And look at the tent that comes with the train. A set-up, made of heavy cardboard, 20 inches long, 14 inches high to the top of the flagpole. Outside is a moulded Mickey Mouse barker. Inside is an arena of fun and a flying trapeze. There are regulation circus tickets, a commissary, auto, gas station and other cardboard accessories. Band car, dining car and animal car are made of steel, gilded and lithographed in many colors. Train measures 32 inches. Track supplied forms oval 27 by 35 inches.

Mickey Mouse, the movie star, is cast in a new role. He's stoking Lionel mechanical trains. Every time a tiny rod under the tender clicks against a tie, Mickey's body bends, his arms extend and the shovel sweeps forward. And just look at the locomotive he's working on. It's the New York Central Commodore Vanderbilt, scaled down to size, equipped with the powerful Lionel clock-work motor, a ringing bell, hand brake and a battery illuminated headlight. Three cars, either passenger or freight as illustrated below. Price $1.50.

The Silver Streak
The Silver Streak is a 29-inche glistening Chromium finished streamline beauty with powerful wind-up motor, headlight, bell and brake. A streak of brilliant color runs the length of the train on the skirt of the cars. Outfit consists of No. 1816 power car, No. 1817 coach and No. 1818 observation car and 8 sections of MWC curved track and 2 sections of MS straight track which form an oval 27 by 35-3/4 inches. Price $2.00.

Mickey on the Handcar
No. 1100 - Lionel's famous Mickey Mouse handcar with Mickey and Minnie at the handle-bars. Loaded with fun and a thousand thrills. Handcar measures 7-3/4 inches long. Eight sections of curved track supplied form a 27 inch circle. Price $1.00.

No. 12105 - Santa's taken to the handcar. A Mickey Mouse doll peers out of the pack he is carrying on his back. Complete with 8 sections of MWC curved track forming a 27 inch circle. Price $1.00.

(Prices slightly higher in far west)

Lionel Accessories for All Mechanical Trains and Handcar

No. 1577 Freight Car Set - A combination of three handsome cars finished in bright colors and carefully detailed. Price $1.00.

No. 1550 Pair of Switches - One right and one left. Hand lever. 9-1/2 inches long. Price $1.00.

MWC Curved Track - Eight sections make a circle 27 inches in diameter. Price $.10.

MS Straight Track - 9 inches long. Price per section $.10.

SMC Curved Track - For stoker trains. Price per sectio $.10.

No. 1555 Crossing - 90 degree. 7 inches square. Price $.50.

No. 1569 - Eight useful accessories that will add realism to mechanical railroads. Price $1.

No. 1576 Passenger Set - Consists of three 6 inch cars. Price $1.00.

1999 Marx Meteor Mickey Mouse Train

(see a larger picture here)

The Marx Meteor Mickey Mouse tin train set, with a limited edition of 300, quickly sold out at the 1999 Disneyana Convention in Florida where it was released.

This 1999 version is a replica of the Marx Mickey Mouse train sold in the 1950s.

The set has five pieces:

The caboose and boxcar are each eight inches long. The hopper and tender are six inches long. And the locomotive is nine inches long.

The train runs on AC powered track and has a dual worm drive internal motor.

(see a larger picture here)

When originally sold the Mickey Metero set came with this Certificate of Verification documenting only three hundred were made, in addition to five artists copies. The certificate refers to the 1999 Disneyana Convention.

(see a larger picture here)

The box cover has the 1999 copyright date, but has been intentionally made to look vintage.

The cover says "Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Meteor Tin Lithographed Train Set Made in U.S.A."

Value and Pricing: We saw this 1999 Marx Mickey Mouse train originally sell for $630.

* Are you buying the replica 1999 limited edition or the 1950s train set?

* The 1999 train set has five cars.

* Is the box included?

* Is the Certificate of Verification included?

1950s Marx Meteor Mickey Mouse Train

There are two versions of the original Meteor train.

The first version came with four train cars.

A later version has five train cars. The different is an extra box car.

This is important to remember when evaluating a purchase. A four car set is not necessarily missing a piece. It may be the earlier, and more valuable version, of this Marx train set.

The tin train is covered with lithographed Disney characters.

The train cars include:

Engine - One side has Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse with kids and Goofy is hanging out on top. On the other side is Donald Duck and three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Coal Tender car - The top has a picture of one of the seven dwarves. One side of the car has a picture of Mickey Mouse. The other side has a picture of Donald Duch. On both sides the car says "WALT DISNEY'S MICKEY MOUSE METEOR".

Freight car. - On one side are pictures of four of the seven dwarves. The other side shows Thumper, Pluto and Jiminy Cricket. The inside is blue and yellow.

Caboose - Bambi, Flower and Timothy Mouse have pictures on top of the caboose. On one side are pictures of Pluto, Daisy Duck and Pinocchio, Daisy, and Pluto. On the other side is a picture of two bears. One is riding a unicycle. The other has a girl watching him. Under the window is reference to 691521 and the side says "Copyrighted Walt Disney Productions".

Here are pictures showing both sides of the cars as well as the tops. Shown is the five-car version since it necessarily also includes the four-car version.

(see a larger picture here)

(see a larger picture here)

(see a larger picture here)

There is also a wind-up key for the locomotive.

Value and Pricing: We saw the original 1950s Marx Mickey Mouse train sell for about $600.

Modern Kids Trains

Now for a few modern train sets for kids. Who knows, they may be huge collectibles in the future.

Mickey Mouse Fisher Price Train

For the little one is this Fisher Price wobble train. It has removable Mickey and Pluto characters.

The cars wobble back and forth, and when the train is pushed forward it plays music and makes train noises. A wonderful toy for little kids.

Playhut Mickey Mouse Train

This is a train that kids actually play in. This is seven feet long!

The picture does not provide sufficient perspective. It includes a ball pit for play. Kids can crawl through each train piece. On the downside, it is flimsy so it is not for rough housing.

Mickey Mouse Train

The Disney character train features Mickey, Pluto and Donald.

It is rated for ages three and up. But probably three to five or six years old will be best for this toy.

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