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Mickey Mouse TV

Why have just a boring television when you can have a fun Mickey TV!

There are surprisingly few options.

Initially, there were two related red televisions sporting Mickey Mouse ears and fun remotes. Both models are terrific collectibles and a lot of fun to look at.

Finally, we saw an inflatable that is now really hard to find.

DT1300-C Television With Mickey Mouse Ears

Here's some fun TV! A Mickey Mouse TV with ears. Why didn't I have this as a kid?

This particular model is the DT1300-C Television. It has a thirteen inch screen and the ears are the speakers. It also comes with a remote control. This one was made in 2002.

DT1900-C Television With Mickey Mouse Ears

Similar looking, this model is a definite upgrade. The screen size is nineteen inches and it comes with a DVD player. The DVD is right underneath the TV.

This model is the DT1900-C Television. It also comes with headphone jacks.

Mickey Mouse Projection TV

Hoo-boy Pluto, this is the way to watch TV! A projection TV that is inflatable so you can move it around. Watch television outside, or even inside if you have the room.

The key things to know: First, this is easy to setup. It will inflate in just a few seconds with the included pump. Great for someone who is all thumbs. The screen is a massive 120 inches. Yes - 120. We are talking fourteen feet wide and eleven feet high. Yes, you and your kids will be big hits with their friends.

Carefully read what you are buying. This can be sold with just the Mickey Mouse inflatable screen. You will need to separately buy the projector and speakers.

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