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Mickey Mouse Umbrella Ideas

On this page we explore ideas for how Mickey can make a rainy day a little more cheery!

Umbrella With Mickey Mouse Ears

(see a larger picture here)

We love this umbrella with Mickey Mouse ears.

What fun!

This is one way to stand out in a crowd. You can be sure others will want to know where you got such an incredibly fun umbrella.

If you are creative, like to fun, and do not want to be boring - this Disney umbrella is for you.

Pictured is a vintage ear umbrella. Some new ones are also available, although the sizes are often only child-sized.

Be warned this umbrella can sometimes be hard to find.

Mickey Mouse Hugging Pluto Umbrella

A fun umbrella with Mickey Mouse hugging his dog Pluto. It also features a Mickey Mouse handle for an extra touch. Very colorful.

This umbrella has received great reviews. Others are mostly buying it for small kids. Some comments:

- The umbrella is the perfect size of little fingers. Perfect for my 4-year old.

- Vibrant colors and excellent quality.

- So simple to use a 3-year old has no problem with it.

- My grandchild now cannot wait until it rains. The colors and handle are wonderful.

Mickey Mouse Umbrella Hat

(see a larger picture here)

Is it a hat? Is it an umbrella?

Well, it's both.

Instead of a rain cover attached to a pole you hold with your hand, this Mickey Mouse rain cover is worn on your head like hat.

It frees up your hands will still keeping you dry from the rain.

The headband size is typically made of velcro to fit just about any head.

For some reason professional types will have a case in one hand, umbrella in the other hand, then struggle trying to do anything like open a car door.

But, those willing to have big ears sticking out over a massive smiling Mickey face on an umbrella hat will have no problem.

Black Mickey Mouse Umbrella

Most umbrellas are black. A different look is this black umbrella with a small Mickey shown just once. Understated and fashionable.

Even adults can proudly tote this umbrella.

Pink Minnie Mouse Umbrella

If pink is the color you are looking for, or if your little girl adores Minnie Mouse, then a Minnie umbrella is your choice.

Virtually anything pink, with Minnie Mouse, and probably a fun handle, will be loved.

Just be prepared to be dragged out into the rain so the umbrella can be used!



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