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Is there anything more famous to wear than a Mickey Mouse watch?

Since so many have been made over the years we're going to start at the top with Rolex and then review other interesting watch ideas for different budgets.

Mickey Mouse Rolex Watches

There are several varieties of Mickey rolex watches, which we will first try to catalogue a small sample before moving on to other types of Mickey Mouse watches.

We like this Rolex oyster version from the 1970s because it features a large, happy figure of Mickey Mouse on the face.

On model number on the back of this Rolex is the identifying number 1500.

This version has a blue dial:

And this version has a yellow dial:

This Rolex Oysterdate shows a much smaller Mickey on the face. One of the cute features is that Mickey appears to be leaning on the 9 O'clock bar and propping himself up. A very nice touch.

The model number on the back of this Rolex is the identifying number 6694.

If you know you want a Mickey Mouse Rolex watch, we have a lot more information, including pictures and specific details showing the different varieties of Rolex watches available. Small details, such as where Mickey's hands are pointing, can create rarities and dictate which watch to buy. The many Rolex varieties are detailed on our Rolex watch page.

To check on the current limited availability of Mickey Mouse Rolex watches:

Gerald Genta Mickey Mouse Watch

This type of swiss retro Gerald Genta red Mickey Mouse watch can sell for a pretty penny. It includes an original certificate, as shown, and original box and case.

The Gerald Genta watch has an interesting dial. Instead of hours around the watch face, there is arc of minute numbers from 0 to 60. Broken up into five minute intervals, there are twelve such intervals, which could be hours. At the bottom is a large number which could also be the hour.

This is certainly one of the more interesting watch faces you'll find. It is unique to this Gerald Genta watch, as others by this designer have a typical watch face.

This retro Gerald Genta watch is also interesting. The model of the watch, as we know it, is the Retro Fantasy Disney Mickey Mouse REF.M.10. The case size is 36 mm (40 mm with the crown) and lug width is 18 mm.

The picture is larger and shows the fascinating dial. The minutes go a little more than half-way around the watch. The hour is set off to the left.

In the middle it looks like Mickey is having a very good time.

The band is made from Camille Fournet red leather.

The dial is mother of pearl.

LED Mickey Mouse Watch

This led Mickey Mouse watch looks like fun. Made of multi-colored led lights, the display is in the shape of the famous Mouse face with ears. It may take a minute to get used to the dial, or lack of a dial. It sure is interesting.

A conversation stopper (and starter!). First, your friends will notice the Mickey Mouse shape. Then they'll ooh and ahh over the interesting dial and how to tell time.

Classic Mickey Mouse Watch

Here is a classic Mickey Mouse watch. The hands of the watch are Mickey's arms with his fingers pointing to the hours and minutes. This particular one is a men's watch.

If you are looking for a gift idea you cannot go wrong with a classic Mickey Mouse watch.

Seiko Mickey Mouse Watch

Seiko stopped making Mickey Mouse watches years ago. If you're looking for a Seiko quartz Walt Disney watch that means you know vintage and value - or lol - are showing your age and remember these watches from when you were younger!

This Seiko men's watch has a starburst dial.

If you look at the dial you'll notice there are no numbers. And where the 12, 3, 6 and 9 should be there are stars.

Made of stainless steel, the gold band complements the gold face dial.

This particular watch is water resistant and shock resistant.

More information and Seiko watches are on our Seiko watch page.

Wittnauer Mickey Mouse Watch

Here is a stunning silver Wittnauer Men's Mickey Mouse watch. The outlined silhouette shape of Mickey Mouse, but just a portion, on a sleek black face is simply gorgeous.

The face style reminds us of the logo from the Alfred Hitchcock Presents television show.

The Wittnauer ( sometimes mispelled Wittenauer ) watch also orginally comes in a Mickey Mouse shaped box. Two boxes actually. The first box is rectangular and inside it holds a second box in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head, which is lined with felt. A round felt ball is also provided for storage in the box to help the watch keep its shape.

Two diamonds adorn the watch face at the twelve, three, six and nine o'clock positions.

Woman's Mickey Mouse Watch

This fashionable women's watch is popular. The quartz watch is made of stainless steel. It has an understated Mickey on the face. Also stated on the face of the watch it says "The one and only Original! Walt Disney"

Pink Mickey Mouse Watch

Another popular womens watch, this one is pink. Other Mickey Mouse versions can be found in yellow, white, red, black, silver, blue, dark blue, brown, green, orange, and purple.

The face of the watch shows the Mickey Mouse ears. The color of the face matches the color of the watch band. With all these colors you can wear a matching Mickey Mouse watch with any outfit!

Children's Mickey Mouse Watch

And of course you can't forget a kids Mickey Mouse watch.

This one we found is made of durable plastic, is bright and colorful, and has a large picture of Mickey Mouse.

With those guidelines you shouldn't have any trouble quickly finding a watch your child will love.

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