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Mickey Mouse Yahtzee

Classic Mickey Mouse Yahtzee Board Game

The classic Yahtzee game by Milton Bradley. This is the Mickey Mouse. If you have ever played Yahtzee, and you probably have if you are reading this, it will be a breeze to step in and play this fun branded version.

Classic Mickey Mouse Yahtzee Board Game

In addition to the classic Yahtzee board game, there is this handheld, electronic Yahtzee Jr. version. A fun game for kids to play in the car. The game requires two AAA batteries.

Yahtzee Fun Facts

50 million Yahtzee games are sold every year. No word on how many of those feature Mickey Mouse or Disney characters.

Predecessor games before the "Yahtzee" rules were finalized were Yacht and Yatzie.

The original Yahtzee game was sold in 1956 by Edwin Lowe.

In 1973 the Milton Bradley Company bought the game from Mr. Lowe.

In 1984 Hasbro bought out Milton Bradley.

The maximum score in Yahtzee is 1575. You would need thirteen Yahtzees, bonuses and 375 in the remaining categories. We have never heard of anyone ever coming close to getting this maximum score.

The lowest score in Yahtzee is five. This score is from chance and rolling all ones on the dice.

1988 Milton Bradley Mickey Mouse Yahtzee Game

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The cover of the Mickey Mouse Yahtzee box. It refers to "Your child's first Yahtzee game". It shows as large pictures the dice made up of Disney characters.

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The bottom of the Yahtzee box refers to:

Yahtzee is now specially designed for young children! Your child just shakes, rolls and matches the popular Disney characters on the dice to score. No reading required to play! Roll a Mickey Mouse? He's special - he'll help you win by matching any of his pals! Try to match 5 of a kind in 3 rolls for a 'Yahtzee!'

Contents: scoreboard, dice cup, 5 dice, 20 punch-out tokens, label sheet, instructions.

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This overview picture shows the dice, twenty character pieces, and dice cup. The token pieces have pictures of Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck and Daily Duck.

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A close-up view of the playing pieces. They come in pastel colors of blue, red, yellow and green.

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The blue dice cup used for rolling the dice.

This 1988 Milton Bradley board game featuring Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters sold for about $30.

2007 Mickey Mouse Yahtzee Jr. Game

After Hasbro bought the Milton Bradley company they released their own version of game, called Yahtzee Jr., in collaboration with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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The box cover re-branded by Hasbro as Yahtzee Jr.

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The back of this box states:

Meeska, Mooska, Mouseka - roll!

It's all the fun of YAHTZEE with your friends from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Roll the dice and see which characters you find! Will it be Mickey, Minne, Donald, Daisy or Goofy? Or will it be the Clubhouse, which is WILD and counts as any character? The more of each character you roll, the more points you get. The player with the most points wins!

This 2007 Hasbro version of the Mickey Mouse board game, still factory sealed, sold for $35.



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