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Mickey Mouse Debut in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

This vintage New York Times article from November 30, 1934, captures Mickey Mouse's debut in the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The story on page 14 reads in part:

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Mickey Mouse, Blown Up to 4-Story Stature, Dominates Macy's Broadway March.


Children Laugh and Motorists Fume as Unbroken Line Takes 25 Minutes to Pass.

Between two solid walls of men, women and mostly children the R.H. Macy & Co. annual Thanksgiving Day parade paced down Broadway from 110th to Thirty-fourth Street yesterday.

While Mickey Mouse, the pig that built his house of bricks, the Big Bad Wolf and other four-story high figures filled with helium moved triumphantly between those walls, cross-bound motorists on either side fumed at the delay of as much as half an hour.

The crowd was estimated by police at more than 500,000, who were dampened but undeterred by an intermittent drizzle. Many of them stood under umbrellas, elevated pillars where possible and any other place that afforded some protection from the rain.

Nearly 2,000 police under Deputy Chief Inspector David J. McAuliffe were on duty along the line of march. Since the parade was only about twenty-five minutes long, the police decided that traffic trouble would be minimized if the line was not halted at intersections to permit cross currents, so they allowed the march to continue unbroken.

Motorists Lose Patience.

This fact wore down many motorists' tempers. One irate person complained that he had been held up twenty-five minutes on his way to work and many others uttered similar complaints, including taxi-drivers.

Behind an escort of mounted police a group of clowns bearing signs which spelled out "Hail Santa - Merry Christmas!" led the parade. They were followed by a band, after which came Mickey himself, his nose four stories up, and gliding along on air, restrained fromgreater flight by a score of men in costumes.

Figures of the toy and Silly Symphony world were in abundance. Peg-Leg Pete tugged and strained at the bars of his cage, escaping one in a while only to be pushed back in. A squadron of bluecoats riding in toy automobiles towed by a real one, a flock of head balloons of the comic valentine flavor and floats of many varities made up the procession.

Pig Bows to Elevated Track.

Then among the giant figures was one of the sagacious little pig who built his house of bricks. Although he had not bowed to the Big Bad Wolf, he did to the elevated structure at Sixty-fifth and again at Fifth-third Street, and silently suffered the indignity of being pulled flat on his back and floated under while a heavy canvas sheet of great size protected his overalls from the wet pavement.

Far in the rear came Tony Sarg's version of Walt Disney's wolf proceeding in full gallop. Although he was in chase most of the procession, he was not the final chaser, for Santa Claus, on a regal float drawn by six Horace Horsecollars, was the very last.

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