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Omega Mickey Mouse Watch Collection

1982 Omega Seamaster Mickey Mouse Watch

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Do you want rare and vintage all rolled into one incredibly beautiful package?

Well look no further. This is the 1982 Omega Seamaster Mickey Mouse Technicolour Automatic watch.

Omega is recognized as one of the best watch makers in the world, and the Omega Seamaster model is hands down THE most recognised and sought after model of ANY watch there is!

Now add in the technicolour Mickey Mouse character, well shiver my timbers, this watch is incredible by every meaning of the word.

This particular version is the square astronaut Seamaster model. As can be seen the body of the watch is extremely large compared to majority of watches measuring.

(see a larger picture here)

On the reverse of the watch the case back shows the famouse textured 3D Seamaster logo which leaves a nice seamaster imprint on your arm on very very warm days.

Within the astronaut casing is the Blue Emerald coloured dial. It encompasses the entire interior and features the technicolor Mickey Mouse character. He is in his classical 1930s pose.

It has Omega Seamaster Automatic written in large gold lettering on the right hand side of the dial.

There are double Gold coloured hourly markers which match perfectly with the delicate hour and minute hands.

The second hand glides smoothly across the watch face, which is testament to the incredible workmanship that has gone into this watch. I cannot hear a tick, and it does not lurch across the watch like most watches do.

There is a Gold Omega logo on the top half of the watch dial. One of the useful aspects of this Seamaster model (which is why it's worth spending more to get the more expensive Seamaster models) is the day and date window. Invaluable.

The day and date window has a Gold border which carries on the theme of the watch.

The crown has the Omega logo and motif on it as well.

This has the more attractive vintage plated steel Omega watch Bracelet which makes the watch band and watch body seamlessly meld together. Looks more like a jewellery watch bracelet rather than a watch strap. Comfort-wise it is preferred over the standard metal watch bracelets which feel cumbersome on the skin after a while.

(see a larger picture here)

(see a larger picture here)

There is also the very nice original Seamaster Watch box. Simply incredible! Hard sectioned off panels cover the outer surface of the watch box with a large GOLD OMEGA logo clearly visible. Interior lined velvet with silk upper lid covering. The upper interior lid has the famous SEAMSTER LOGO and MOTIF.

1968 Omega Seamaster Mickey Mouse Watch

(see a larger picture here)

This version of the Omega Seamaster watch is from 1968.

It is Omega caliber 565 with a silver Mickey Mouse watch dial.

One of the interesting features are the numbers on the dial. Their perspective does not change like a typical watch dial, meaning the roman numeral VI is upside down. Take another look at the dial!

This unique type of numbering makes a watch like this an interesting collectible everyone will want to see.

1974 Omega Seamaster Mickey Mouse Watch

(see a larger picture here)

The year 1974 produced this different Omega Seamaster watch.

The watch has a black face and an almost reverse image looking Mickey Mouse. Mickey has a black face with orange ears and an orange outline. He has a green tongue, green shorts, and blue shoes.

A very different look!

It is Omega caliber 1012.

Omega 2 Tones Mickey Mouse Watch White Dial

(see a larger picture here)

A different style from Omega is this vintage Omega 2 Tones with a white dial.

Interesting features of this watch include the seconds hands down near the six o'clock, and the picture of Mickey Mouse shows him playfully leaning against the nine o'clock.

It is Omega caliber 265.

Omega 2 Tones Mickey Mouse Watch Grey Dial

(see a larger picture here)

This Omega 2 Tones with a grey dial has a slightly different look from the version with the white dial.

Mickey Mouse is again playfully resting his arm on the nine o'clock dial. The second hand is a circular inset which is more commonly seen.

It is Omega caliber 266.

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