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Mickey Mouse Waddle Book

Mickey Mouse Waddle Book

Printed in 1934, this is a first edition of the Mickey Mouse Waddle Book. The front cover refers to it as "The Story Book with Characters that Come Out and Walk".

Mickey is shown playing with various walking figures of himself, Minnie, Pluto and a horse

This rare version was autographed by Walt Disney to Margot giving her his best wishes.

Pricing and Value: We saw this autographed first edition, in good condition, sell for $5300.

More pictures from the Waddle book:

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Of course, Tanglefoot had no more use for a bone than Pluto would have for a meal of hay, but he saw that the dog was trying to be friendly, and he wanted to show him that he appreciated it. So he chased after Pluto and all morning they raced around the field.

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Just in the nick of time, his hands caught Tanglefoot's tail, and he hung on for dear life. Tanglefoot looked back, astonished. He had never known anyone else to ride a horse by hanging in to its tail. But then, he thought, if Mickey wants to play, I'm willing, and off he went, faster than ever.

Poor Mickey was terrified!

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The inside front cover of the book states:

This NEW MICKEY MOUSE WADDLE BOOK uses for the first time a marvelous new invention (fully protected by patent applications), which gives to children a book with characters that walk. These animated, three-dimensional figures come right out of the pages and, without the use of springs or rubber bands, or delicate contrivances, walk with a fidelity to life which will delight any child.

Here are the most popular characters in the world today - Mickey and Minnie Mouse - with their pals Pluto and Tanglefoot in a new adventure. The books tells the story of an exciting race between their horse, Tanglefoot, and Farmer Gideon Goat's name, Bromide, to settle an argument between the owners.

Twelve pages of colored illustrations and as many in black and white give life and vividness to the story. In addition, the four wonderful Waddle characters - toys in themselves - come out and walk. By using them, children can stage their own version of the race.

The combination of story and life-like animated characters is one that will give special delight to children and fascinate their elders as well. If you would like to know about other WADDLE BOOKS, please ask your bookseller, or write to the publishers.

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The middle band of the book states:

Under this band in the large envelope, you will find an ingenious runway. It can be set up by any child and will form a perfect base on which to set the Waddle Characters. Just place them on this runway, tap them gently to the side and off they will go, walking all by themselves, with the aid of any mechanical power.

Inside the large envelope containing the runway, you will find a small envelope containing the brass pieces necessary for assembling the four Waddle Characters.

The inside back of the book states:

Two Exceptionally Amusing Books for Children

Walt Disney, originator of Mickey Mouse and the Silly Symphonies has done two charming books for children, based on his tremendously popular pictures:




The advantages of modern color photography have given to these classic fairy stories new action and new life. All the little scenic details which make the Silly Symphonies so delightful on the screen have now been captured in book form. And the freedom for new episodes made possible by the movies have found their way into the old stories.

Each book contains 64 pages, with the verses and modernized versions of the stories profusely illustrated in both color and black and white.

There have been few children's books which have been liked so thoroughly by the children themselves. This has been demonstrated over and over again both by sales and by letters from parents. If your child does not own these delightful books they will a present which will be a permanent delight.

Your bookseller has them. Why not drop in and see for yourself?



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