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Mickey Mouse Whirling Tail Toys

These are interesting and usually hard to find collectibles. Mickey is "wound up" with a key and then his tail spins around.

Marx Mickey Mouse Whirling Tail Toy

Marx Mickey Mouse Whirling Tail

(see a larger picture here)

Marx Mickey Mouse Whirling Tail

(see a larger picture here)

This whirling tail toy is stamped "Marx" on the back above a reference to W.D.P. for Walt Disney Productions. These markings can be hard to see in pictures.

The toy stands about six and three-quarter inches high and is made from tin and plastic mold.

Marx refers to Louis Marx & Co. Inc. of New York. For an explanation about the logo, the Louis Marx company used a circular logo with the letters MAR with an X through them.

The Louis Marx company started in 1919. Marx sold toys in Japan using the Linemar toys name, including Mickey Mouse whirling tail toys. Marx sold his company to Quaker Oaks in 1972 and retired. Unfortunately, it was not a good fit for Quaker Oats and the Marx brand went out of business in about 1978.

Marx Donald Duck Whirling Tail

(see a larger picture here)

We do not yet have a picture of the Mickey Mouse Whirling Tail with its original box. But we do have this Donald Duck version to illustrate what it would look like.

At this point all Marx toys are vintage and true collectibles.



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