Fun Mickey Mouse Flags

Disneyland Mickey Mouse Flag

Now here is something very unusual ... and cool ... a Mickey Mouse flag that flew over Disneyland.

A rare and unique a piece of Disney history - we saw this flag sell for $725.

This Mickey Mouse Flag flew over the Main Street Train Station in Disneyland.

The flag measures about thirty-two inches by twenty-one inches. The flag features Mickey in the center against a red background.

Here is a vintage picture of Walt Disney himself holding the Mickey Mouse flag.

It will be extremely difficult to find a flag which actually flew over Disneyland. But that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy a Mickey Mouse flag. Many are available:

Mickey Mouse Garden Flag

Many varieties of Disney flags for your garden are available. This one caught our eye:

Mickey is shown as the Sorcerer's Apprentice putting on his blue hat.

This flag is twelve by eighteen inches.

For a garden flag look for these attributes:

- Weather resistant material such as polyester

- Fade resistant material (although not much can preven some fading from the sun)

- Double-sided printing if your flag can be seen from both sides

- Flag pole. The pole is often sold separately so you can find the perfect pole for your tastes and then match it with a flag.

- Mickey Mouse of course!

Mickey Mouse Yard Flag

A big, colorful Mickey flag can be a fun addition for your yard.

Many yard flags are themed, such as for a holiday or event.

This vintage yard flag from 1998 is forty-three inches by twenty-six inches.

The difference between a yard flag and a garden flag is mainly size. Yard flags are larger as they are intended to be viewed from a longer distance by others. Garden flags are more for your own viewing enjoyment and are smaller.



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