Franklin Mint Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice

Franklin Mint Mickey Mouse Crystal Sorcerers Apprentice

The Franklin Mint created these three crystal figurines featuring Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Each was carefully crafted and hand painted in Austria.

The Young Sorcerer Trying to Read the Book of Spells

Mickey Mouse is meticulously crafted in fine pewter by the Franklin Mint, and painted by hand in exacting detail. The figurine shows him seated on a book of magical spells made out of Tesori porcelain, a special blend of powered porcelain and resins, and whirling within a whirlpool of full-lead crystal.

This figurine is about four and one-quarter inches high and five and one-half inches wide.

Value and Pricing: This Franklin Mint Sorcerer's Apprentice depiction originally sold for $175.

Mickey Pointing Upwards at the Top of the Staircase

Mickey and the enchanted broom are handcrafted of fine pewter, hand-painted in exacting detail, set upon a staircase of full-lead Austrian crystal.

From the famed Fantasia scene, this Magical Mickey Sculpture shows Mickey Mouse as he races against time and the bucket brigade.

This figurine is about six and one-half inches high and four inches wide.

Casting a Spell and Seeing Gold Stars

Mickey Mouse Sleeping on the Throne

From the Franklin Mint, this Crystal and Pewter sculpture features Mickey as the Sorcerer, Sitting on his Throne.

This piece is handcrafted from European full-lead crystal with hand-painted pewter accented by 24 karat gold. The measurements are approximately six inches tall and three inches wide.

From the famed Fantasia scene this sculpture has Mickey Mouse as he casts spells in his sleep on his throne.



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