Linemar Mickey Mouse Toys

On this page we will be cataloging all the Mickey Mouse products created by Linemar.

Linemar was a Japanese company making metal (tin) toys in the 1950s. The toys were cheaply made and Linemar (sometimes seen as "Line Mar"> went out of business in the 1960s.

Today, though, Linemar toys can be highly sought after collectibles. Often fetching thousands of dollars.

This is due to their rarity as few of these products survived, and from their uniqueness as metal tin toys are not made anymore.

Mickey Mouse and Pluto Rocking Horse

This wind-up rocking horse features Mickey Mouse riding on Pluto's back. The wind-up uses a fixed key in the center of the toy. The black key is located right below Mickey's shoe.

Here are more pictures:

A close-up of the red base has the trademark and copyright imprint:

Line MAR Toys
Copyright Linemar Co., Inc
Copyright Walt Disney Productions

We saw this Linemar Mickey Mouse rocking horse sell for $1500. It was in very good condition. Still worked, but no box.



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