1934 Lionel Mickey Mouse Hand Car

In 1934 Lionel sold this pump car featuring Mickey Mouse. It comes with a metal track, wind up key, box and advertising sheet. (see a larger picture here)

Here is a picture of the original box referring to "Lionel Mickey Mouse Hand Car Made by The Lionel Corporation New York". (see a larger picture here)

This was Lionel product number 1101.

A closeup of Mickey dressed in his classic red shorts and with orange shoes. (see a larger picture here)

This closeup shows the other end of the pump car, with Minnie mouse in green shorts, high heels and sporting a red hat.(see a larger picture here)

A close up of the handcar shows it is number 1100.(see a larger picture here)

Note, although the numbers are close this is different than the Lionel product number - which is 1101.

The inscription reads in full:

Mickey Mouse
Copyright Walt. Disney
Hand Car
No. 1100
The Lionel Corp. New York
Made in U.S. of America

The Lionel instruction sheet. (see a larger picture here)

The top part of the instructions read:

You Can Make a Real Railroad Setting
For Your Mickey Mouse Hand Car

Tracks, switches, signal crossing gates; Lionel manufactures everything to make your Mickey Mouse Railroad complete. You can build around your Mickey Mouse a whole miniature railroad system so that the hand-car can be switched from one track to another or travel around a layout of curves and cross-overs. Start now on the fascinating hobby of model railroading by adding track and accessories to your Mickey Mouse outfit.

The bottom of the sheet reads:

Note: Proper lubrication will increase the life and efficiency of the Mickey Mouse Motor. Place a drop of oil, occasionally, on gears and axle bearings. The hand car will run faster and longer if your tracks are kept clean. Wipe them with a dry cloth. Do not bend the track.

Patterns are shown for connecting the metal tracks so you can wind-up Mickey to go around and around.

A key is used to wind up the hand car. The car also comes with a bell.

The Lionel Hand Car was featured in a full page color advertisement in the very first edition of the Mickey Mouse Magazine. A picture of the ad can be found on our magazine page.

Lionel was founded in New York in 1900 to sell electrical novelties. However, it turned out that its store display model trains ended up being in high demand, and that is what the company quickly became known for. The original Lionel company was liquidated in 1995, but the name and products are carried on even today by a successor business.

Value and Pricing: We saw this Mickey Mouse handcar in good condition sell for $1140.

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