Mickey Mouse Cel Pics

Fabulous gifts!

Celluloid, or animation cels, are no longer used to make movies. At one time, before computer, they were indispensable.

An original cel, or a signed reproduction, is not cheap, but is a fantastic way to bring a bit of movie magic home.

Mickey Mouse Drawing Cel

This is an exception and very rare original production drawing of Mickey Mouse getting ready to spray perfume onto Pluto. Mickey measures an impressive six inches tall and the drawing contains the color reference notes for both the bottle of perfume and the pump sprayer. The animation drawing is rendered in a large number of colored pencils including: graphite, orange, purple, brown, pink, yellow, peach, red, blue, and green. The dialog for the scene is below:

Mickey (speaking to Pluto): "When I get through, you'll win a dozen blue ribbons."

Selling for well more than $1000, this original production drawing of Mickey Mouse from "Society Dog Show," made in 1939.

Defend-Ears of the Kingdom

May the force be with you! This was an awesome and very rare piece of animation art titled "Defend-Ears of the Kingdom," created in 2006 exclusively for the "Animation Gallery" shop at the Disney-MGM Studios in Florida (now "Disney's Hollywood Studios"). This cel depicts Mickey Mouse as a Jedi on the forest moon of Endor with his light saber drawn waiting for the Imperial Biker in the distance. Beautifully framed, this edition was one of only 1000 created that included not just the cel, but also a smaller postcard hand-signed by the six artists who created the art, along with a cloisonne pin with Mickey, the date of 2006, the cel title, and the "Animation Gallery" shop name. The cel edition size was 2500, but again, this framed edition was limited to the first 1000 guests for the event. In mint condition, complete with original flyer for the event and Certificate of Authenticity.

This fantastic limited edition sold for a steal at only $239.

Mickey Mouse Fantasia Art Cel

Offered for a whopping (or a deal) $20,000 this cell from Fantasia was hand painted by Walt Disney himself.

You will not find too many animation cels hand drawn by Walt.

Mickey Mouse Cel Flying Ears

For the true Mickey lover, this is a limited edition (only 195 made) hand painted cel from the cartoon "Plane Crazy - Flying Ears"

Although the cartoon was produced in 1928, this run of limited cels was made in 2008. It retails for $2600.

Mickey Mouse 25th Anniversary Cel

This reproduction celluloid drawing from Mickey Mouse's 25th Anniversary was signed by Walt Disney. It sold for $2900.

Mickey Mouse 25th Anniversary Cel

The certificate for the 25th Anniversary cel has a detailed description of how cels work in the movie making process, so we have included it here. It states in part:

For each slight movement in the action of a character in a Walt Disney animated picture, a celluloid painting must be made. These celluloid paintings are then photographed in succession over master backgrounds producing, on the motion picture film, numerous pictures, each with its minute change in movement. These, when projected on the screen in rapid succession, create the illusion of motion.

Celluloid paintings are the final step in the creation of a Walt Disney animated picture. They are preceded by story sketches wherein the artists express their first creative ideas, by the animation drawings which give life and movement to the characters.

Walt Disney originals are included in many important Museums and private collections. Notable among these are: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Cleveland Museum of Art; Toledo Museum of Art; William Rockhill Nelson Gallery, Kansas City, Mo.; Phillips Memorial Gallery, Washington, D.C.; San Francisco Museum of Art; Honolulu Academy of Arts; etc.

Mickey Mouse Floyd Gottfredson Cel

Floyd Gottfredson was a longtime illustrator of Mickey Mouse comic strips, doing so an amazing 45 years from 1930 to 1975.

In the above picture he signed a hand-painted picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse having a grand time at the piano. This was from one of his drawing boards.

Value and Pricing: This cel signed by Floyd Gottfredson sold for about $1400.

Mickey Mouse Walt Disney Cel

This cel is titled "From The Desk of Walt Disney" and is a limited edition of only three hundred.

A young Walt Disney is shown at his desk in black and white. Colorful Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been superimposed, and it looks like Mickey is on Walt's lap reading a comic over his shoulder.

Value and Pricing: This cel sold for $1000.

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