Mickey Mouse Costume Ideas

Mickey Mouse Mascot Costume

Mickey Mouse Mascot Costume

You don't have to go to Disneyland to see a full size Mickey Mouse. The mascot can be you!

Get out the camera because everyone will love you as Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse.

These costumes include everything you need to be Mickey Mouse: including the head, body, white gloves, costume and shoes.

Some of these mascot costumes can be ... shall we say ... intense.

We saw one "life size" costume, fitting anyone from four feet high to five foot seven, with a mascot head, two gloves, two shoes, pants, black jacket, stomach, and white shirt with a bowtie, sell for $2500!

No doubt you can find a better deal.

Blue Mickey Mouse Costume

Mickey Mouse Blue Striped Costume

This costume has an entirely different look for Mickey.

Instead of the commonly known red, white and black, Mickey is sporting a vaudeville look with a straw hat and blue striped suit with a yellow vest.

A snazzy look for sure - although we prefer the classic Micke Mouse.

Kids Mickey Mouse Costume

Children Mickey Mouse Costume

For the younger set this Mickey Mouse costume is a lot of fun.

LOL - when you pinch Mickey's nose he squeaks! Great for young kids.

Sexy Mickey Mouse Costume

Sexy Mickey Mouse Costume

This sexy Mickey Mouse costume is fun without being too risque. That can be a tough combination to balance, but this type of costume does the trick.

It has ears - of course.

A sexy top, and what sets this costume part from others: red shorts with white buttons, and yellow boots.

The yellow boots can be hard to find, and is what sets something like this apart from a sexy Minnie Mouse costume.



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